Monday, August 25, 2008

Antiques Exhibition: part #2

We Antiques gathered once more because it was our hols and Carol was gonna leave, so we tot of having a 1 day trip together... to the land (in Msia) where they have THE BEST camwhoring spots.... MALACCA :D

On our way TO Malacca

our driver, Ian, getting his dose of sugar-free SWEETEST coffee from his RIGHTFUL co-driver (which was later replaced by Yen -.-)

muahahaha! Passenger #1!!! the DOT! (a.k.a the kacau daun :P)

taking the recent must-wear-seat-belt ruling for rear seat passengers SERIOUSLY :P

HOT version of Singapore's Liang Po Po (if any1 of u remember the movie)


we tested the theory that BREAKFAST gives u energy for the DAY...

5 minutes after having our waffles...
10 minutes later...
theory... totally washed DOWN THE DRAIN! :P

yep! whoever came up with that theory/fact... has to soO go back to SCHOOL! :P