Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Antiques Exhibition: part #1

*before we begin, some of you mite think... eh... why Dot not updating her blog??? well... what u're reading now... (or read) is PART1, and i like my blog entries to be in sequence... however, i have 1000 (no kidding) pictures to compile and edit... therefore, i cant blog about our entire trip in 1 day... so...
if you think u've read it all, pls do SCROLL DOWN to make sure you've read the LATEST parts ya! :D

here, u'll see the artsy fartsy pics taken by 1 artsy fartsy wannabe and 1 artsy-fartsy-wannabe wannabe...
whatever you are about to see... are just the NORMAL pics ppl usually take... we'll gradually progress up the SS-o-METER k! :P

there are some pics that i really like :D but the ones u see here... are all the ones that i already like la.. :P
pics taken by the artsy fartsy wannabe: Jow Liie

this is 1 of my favorite favorites! cause amidst the artsy fartsy-ness... i'm in the pic! *teehee* (maybe that was wat Liie wanted to do but then again... *teehee*)

this one!!! it was the 2nd toilet which i borrowed... it was CREEPY i tell u!
i for one DONT like holes (many of them) and round popping out things like those in the pic above. Thank goodness i didnt notice the wall until i saw this pic (by then i was done peeing :P) or else i would have screamed (i know it's a lil ironic la.. with the fact that i'm DOT... and i like polkadots... i dont really know where that fine line between dots and round 3D stuffs is drawn... so ANYWAYS!)
i didnt notice the wall cause the lights were off when i went in... the toilet bowl was in another cubical... CAN U STOP ASKING QUESTIONS? :P

looks so refreshing eh?
it sure tasted yummy-er than any other limau-ice we have here in KL

i like this 1 toO! looks like a postcard dontcha think? :D

now... pictures taken by the artsy-fartsy-wannabe wannabe: Emily Wong!!! :P

this somehow gives me the feeling of the BEGINNING of something.. must be the rays of sunlight la :D
this toO has to be one of me favs!!! reason? I LIKE LA! :P it's very British/English (what the diff rite? :P)

yet another postcard pic! :D

well done gals for the beautiful pics! :D