Saturday, September 06, 2008

Antiques Exhibition: part #7

Can u believe it? all the parts actually covered the entire PAGE! :D now i kinda gave up arranging the posts d la.. so the order will just be according to when i updated my blog :D
for those of u that havent read part 1-6... u can scroll down lo k! =)

Jonker Walk PART 2!
this is where Yen and i first pee-ed :P
it's so annoying that only cafes, restaurants and coffeeshops (which toilets i will soO NOT use) have toilets... it was written somewhere in this shop that we'll have to either buy a drink or pay 50cents to use the toilet... so since both of us wants to use the toilet... and a bottle of mineral water costs RM1... and we needed water due to the SCORCHING SUN!!! so we got the water! :D

the... WHERE's-MY-FOOD face :P

Ian thankin God for the oh-sO-gooOd food!
while waiting for the rest... (cant remember why were we waiting for them tho :P)

after makaning... it's MORE walking!
paparazzi-taken shot of Dot! :P
hehe! the paparazzi just cant get enuf of me! :P

actually the "paparazi" is Liie la! :P

Dot: eh! enuf d la... take so many pics i SHY la! NOT! :P
(something's wrong with this page... at this point... my cursor's MISSING!!! :S)

ooh... Cheng Ho's Tea House... see.. with the Dot ar... where ever u go... there's TALK and laughter la... BUT!!!
when i stepped into this place... i just knew i had to be quiet... :P cause everything's soO still and quiet in there... (oh! my cursor's back! :D)
altho i was a good gal there... SOME PPL werent!!!

the Yongs sneaked into the FORBIDDEN area!!! actually it's a pay-to-enter area la... but clearly.. they DID NOT pay! -.-

here's the evidence of the CRIME they committed! :P (Liie)

nice pose! but the poser... erm... :P (Ian)

hmph! since the 2 went in without us... we did our fairshare of camwhoring OUTSIDE (where it was LEGAL! after asking for permission of course :P)

i didnt know we were supposed to smile in this pic... *lalala* we did take an ALL actsy-fied picture... but my actsy-fied face looked better here! :P

this time... i got their plan :P

the goodies!

well... i REALLY wanted to be a good gal...

i tried RESISTING it...

but... :P
hehe! the "pls do not ring bell" pic was taken elsewhere :P

hehe! the ye-man-lai-lai pose :P

Dot: oOh! nice wall! Em! lets take a pic with it

15minutes later...

DoT: ooh... it's actually a map used by Cheng Ho/Zheng He (same difference :P)...
Owner of shop: Malacca's marked on the chart too!
All of US: REALLY???
Man-Li-Jia (in chinese) it's the old name of Malacca.. now, Malacca is known as Ma-Liu-Jia in chinese :D
notice that the nautical chart's kinda big?? guess how many ppl did it take to spot Malacca?

good thing we all have BLACK/brown hair! :P

sunblock session again! :D
i likee this pic! :D
YUM SENG! simply means...
CHEERS! in cantonese :D

after hours of being separated...
Ella and i were FINALLY reunited...!!!

after seeing soO many cam-whoring pics of us antiques... i bet u guys wanna try cam-whoring urselves... but some of you are shy... there there... fret NOT! cause MASTER-ess Dot is here to help! here are some HANDY tips to assist u in ur journey so attaining the status of a CAM-WHORE! :P

tip#1: identify a potential spot...

tip#2: test the lighting with ur cam so ur pic doesnt turn out cacat-ed

when all is ready...
tip#3: ACTION!

tip *bonus*: you'll know u are a TRUE cam-whore when u can still do what u were doing despite having SPECTATORS!

now lets view a session of cam-whoring practice of Master-ess Dot and her APPRENTICE (Ian)

Dot: -.-
here's another tip... u've gotta make the scene look REAL!

LIKE THIS! (run on the spot if u have to)
Dot: ENERGY... i want ENERGY!!!

Dot:... aih... this boy needs a lot of PRACTICE!

others have tried Dot's Handy Cam-whoring tips... Lets see if it has worked for them...

tip#1: identify a potential spot... CHECK!

tip#2: test the lighting with ur cam so ur pic doesnt turn out cacat-ed... CHECK!

tip#3: ACTION! Beautiful!

tip *bonus*: Spectators... CHECK!

cameraman: sexy... give me SEXY!

Dot: i'm so proud of her... she even added a new tip...
tip#4: BE YOURSELF! =)

our jumping shots! a thousand apologies to MYSELF!!! and the rest of my antiques... it's my bad for using the wrong function...
now these pics look like those sticker pics... -.-
when situations give u wrong pictures... play a game with them!
dear readers... spot the JUMP! (the PERFECT one of course)
this 1 a bit cacat cause only carol jumped i think :P
so... NEXT pic!!!
answer: Row 2 Column 2 (Dot: carol... JUMP higher la!)

so carol was left to practice on her own... 1... 2... 3!
highest point off the floor: row 2 column 3... clearly... the fan didnt help much :P

now that she's practiced... *ngek ngek ngek*

best picture: row 3 column 3
good job Ian! nice jump :D

all the pics u saw thus far is our journey towards A' Famosa...
all the pics u are ABOUT TO SEE... are STILL from our journey towards A'Famosa :P

cam-whoring's no fun done alone...
so more antiques were thrown in! :P

hehe! Em's so cute! :D
patriotism! =)
the umbrella gals!

now with Ella... me no fear the SUN anymore! :D

ooh! more HAND BAG material!

ha! in this pic... Yen and Dot's brainwaves connected...
*thinks* snap QUICK!!! gotta.. run... AWAY!!!
the snake felt like rubber... GROSS!!!

group pic!!!
group pic NEARER! -.-" hehe!

Em and i-forgot-what's-their-name twins!!!
eh.. cut me some slack k.. i met them like for the first and last time one month ago! how to remember?? :P
anyhow! thanks for bringing us around and takin our pics! :D

hehe! the journey TO A'Famosa CONTINUES...
(this pic isnt supposed to be here.. but i kinda left it out... :P)