Friday, October 24, 2008

D for Dorothy

hehe! yes! i know.. my post titles are like so Dorothy-fied.. but ar.. i have a reason to it 1...

THIS MORNING! or should i say... yesterday morn.. cause it's already 2am now! :S (just finished editting and transfering pics for tmr's photography class)

i sat for my MUET!!! (Malaysian University English Test) the oral part only tho.. which happens to be the 1 i'm most afraid of!! i know.. kinda contradictory to the Dot u know rite... DOT? afraid to talk?? well... usually me talking dont involve marks.. and if my tongue twists.. it's alright.. but!!! a TEST wo!!! see! cant use Wo.. Ma.. La... STRESS!!!

but nonetheless! it's over! i'm soO happy!!! :D

why the title?
cause i was Candidate D! :P
the question i got was "what are the qualities of a good parent" and the point i got was Open mindedness.

wont write what i said here la.. cause i malas to recall :P i just know that i kept repeating the same words... well... what to do! the test started at 8AM!!!

^when i still looked like this!^

hehe! my 6am face! :P

okie! BEDTIME!
coming soon: Psyc Day!
*soon meaning as soon as Chemmy decides to remember to give me the pics we took la :P