Thursday, October 30, 2008


i'm running out on titles!!! :( oh well! but sure havent run out on GOOD PICS! *muahahaha*
good as in funny ones la.. like the facial expressions of Foo's that u'll see later! :P

that's Caleb's hand, trying to ruin our masterpiece.

if u look closely, there are no more moves lo.. cause the rule we set was that we cant take the top 5 levels of blocks. (we kinda just took whatever block we thots was easiest cause OOjO lost the dice)
amazing rite? 4 of us were playing- sandra, viv, clarissa, and me! yet we could go so far!

melissa came in to join us during the 2nd round...

then our ice breaker session started! (we were playing b4 this to warm up.. oh the kiasuness :P)

the 3rd ended pretty quick cause Foo made a blunder *lalala*

ROUND 4! this time i decided to whip out my cam to have something to blog about in the cell blog.. but then i malas to go there to blog.. so... :P)

this was where the tension started. as u can see in the vid i took. it's kinda dark tho.. :D

stopped the recording cause i overestimated my cellies... they took SUPER long to get 1 block out! and i UNDERESTIMATED them too! cause many managed to pass... as shown below...

OOjO's a.k.a Tay Jo attempt
and success was hers! :D
next up! Clarissa's turn
hehe! she got too stressed to continue.. so she had a break la..
ubt she managed to pass too tho =)


"to the left, to the left..."
Foo and Viv praying hard "let it fall, LET IT FALL!"

and she did it! :D

hehe! as promised above, here are the funny expressions of Foo!

tension gile! :P
and VOILA!
berjaya juga! :D

and now... Viv's turn!

pics... (by now u would have guessed what happened)
this would have turned out to be a very nice pic.. if i had my flash on or if there was more lighting :( but oh well!)

tsk tsk tsk! viv.. look at the mess u caused! :P

Dot: now for bloggin purposes, strike a pose!
hehe! funny gal! =)

there u have it! ice breaking with the SS18 College Cellies! :D


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