Sunday, November 02, 2008

Uno Stacko #Dos

hehe! Korean mafia was kinda boring for us... so we decided to play Uno Stacko AGAIN this Friday! :P

but this time, we did it with a TWIST, literally!

as u can see... the blocks are just supported by 1 block per level at the bottom...

*deng deng deng*
it was pretty scary cause each time it's someones turn to take a block... the stack will just move!
nonetheless... many managed to pass successfully :D

at times when the stack shook a lil TOO much...

everyone would rush to its aid...

and the game goes on...

when the stack is deemed stable =)

it seemed kinda easy for yee wei...

but after him... it was MY turn!
last week i wasnt in any of the pics neither the vid... cause i managed to clear my turn easily..
BUT!!! this time... DIE!!!
watch the vid :P

thankfully, after all the sweat and tears... ("tears" was included to add to the dramatic effect la :P) i managed to pass too! *PHEW*!

THEN! it was Viv's turn...

i thot the game would have went on... BUT! rite after this pic... (it was still Viv's turn btw)

the stack finally came crashing down!

ha! so once again... it was Viv that brought the house dowN!

and we moved on to praise and worship.

-the End-