Tuesday, November 11, 2008


last monday! :D we...
Sab, Dot and my bro Adam went to KLCC to get some pics for our photography assignment- PHOTO JOURNALISM!
ha! it's kinda fun discovering that instead of simply being a camwhore.. i can actually be a photographer! :P

HOWEVER! the sem has not ended... so i still cant post up pics of my work... so just bear with the camwhoring pics 1st la k! :P

yes... my brother didnt really have a fun childhood... so being nice.. sab i and brought him to the Kids' Park! :D

the pair =)
the rebel! :P
the CHEEKY! hehe!

pics above (after the taman kanak-kanak pic that is) were NOT taken at the KLCC Park

so ya... back to the park...

the Hot! *muahahaha*

*ahem* WHO say i didnt do work ar?!
got PIC to prove it k! :P

more cam-whoring! (it all started here...)we were HAPPILY playing... (do click on the pic to ENLARGE it if u can.. and look at my oh-so-HAPPY brother! :P)

it was such a vibrant colored park!

everyone! i mean really... EVERYONE would be happy just looking at the colors in the playground! not to mention its SIZE!

hehe! in my moment :P
come on.. COME ON!!! turn into a prince already! *desperation*


these people just HAD to ruin things!!!
they kept whistling at us!!!
i mean... SORRY we didnt get to have so many things to play with at the park when we were younger! (seriously... the playground was MASSIVE!)

but FINE! we know ADAM had WAY PASSED the age of sitting on rides in a playground...
so we walked to the plain to take the group pic u saw with Sab's FishEye... MANA TAU!!! we got PEET-ed at AGAIN!!! ROAR!

so annoying! hence the title :P

but we aint gonna let no whistling stop us!

the cam-whoring spirit NEVER DIES!!!

despite living together for 20 years...

we still couldnt get over our sibling rivalry la :P

the cheaper version of a FishEye effect!
actually the FREE version la :P

...ALIKE of course ;)

see!!! due to the PEET-ing... we were all so paranoid of guards with whistles! they were EVERYWHERE!
yet.. the urge to camwhore was just toO strong!
so i quickly squatted down beside this phrase and Sab just snapped away without realising "ALIKE" was out of the frame :(

*KISS U pms-ing guards with whistles!!! HMPH!*

happy thots Dot, HAPPY THOTS!

found one!!!
this is my FAV pic of the day!!! :D
thanks to Sab's FishEye :D

which makes me wanna have 1 myself too! Christmas' round the corner... HINT!!! to who i dunno la... sigh... :P


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