Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Psyc Day-Phobia

as promised LONG time ago... Chemmy has finally sent me the pics! so here it is, the compilation of photos taken of our booth on Psyc Day =)

remember the pics i showed u of the phobias? :D
that's how we planned to use them =)

tsk tsk tsk... looks like Elaine's doing some LAST MINUTE work rite?
hehe! she wasnt la.. that's supposed to be a birthday letter/card thingy for her fren.. which was kinda last minute tho.. cause it was her friend's birthday that very day itself :S

toying around before anybody visited our booth
all these were done b4 Yue came...
on the same morning... they (Yue, Sab and Chem) had their MUET oral test... mine was the following day... but Yue was in the 2nd session whereas Sab and Chem was in the 1st.. so they could make it back earlier.

SPEAKING OF MUET... IT's OVER!!! happy happy happy! :D
Sab and her Happy Meal! she got a cute pencil case too!

*muahahahaha* Bloody Sabri... LAME! :P

few posts back.. Yue say i didnt have a pic of her... so here it is!! :D
Yue in action! hehe!

Clearly... Chem doesnt have a fear for fire :D

my SCBs! :D
hehe! Chem's feeding me dirt btw...

we wanted a group pic... but Elaine was no where to be found!

ha! there wasnt a pic for this particular phobia...
so we decided to give it one! :P

and the HIGHLIGHT of the Day!!!
i set a record for the Color game! which was then broken by some joker la..ISH! and they didnt let me try again to defend my record :(
it's where words of colors were printed in colors different from the words... but u have to say the color and not the word... or was it the other way around.. OH WELL! :P