Tuesday, December 23, 2008


:D yes! i can FINALLY blog! because (well.. it's a long story and i'm lazy to explain la...)
so this is what the Dot has been up to!

hehe! cam-whoring with the package of my bro's graphic T :P

it was also the same day he bought SEXY! (the name i gave his Dell lappie :D)
as u can see.. its sleek design...
so yea.. Sonee (i've changed Sony to Sonee cause i think it's more appropriate :P)'s got a new friend! =)
ah yes... i'm still hoping for an upgrade for Sonee :D
Christmas wish-list perhaps? i like the T700- RED (*wishful thinking begins* just in case some mysterious reader of my blog wishes to buy me a Christmas prezzie! *wishful thinkin continues*) :P
oh yue! remember u asked me what i've been doing thru out my hols... which started on the 5th but was OH SO BORING because my com died and cash was a limiting factor to the frequency of me goin out! ROAR!

so yes! i did SUDOKU! :D
finally realise i could actually do it (without seeing the answers of course, altho i occasionally do to check if i'm on the right track :P) while i was still studying for my finals :D YES! i was THAT easily distracted from my books... even SUDOKU could distract me *shy*

since i've got nothing better to do or should i say... nothing better that i WANT to do... :P i did sudoku whenever my dad remembers to buy the papers :D

Visited Sab's youth group's play- Life's Puzzle (pics are at Yue's blog)
sweetie Sab was.. *teehee* the ULTIMATE supporting actress! but i'm still very proud of her! :D
and the whole team too!
they did a very good job =)

ah... then it was Christmas Services' week...
Friday: Love Is In The Air (LIITA)
Sat: Silver Bells YA service
Sun: cant remember the name they gave it... but i rememeber they wanted us to come in the Funkiest hat!

ngek ngek ngek! finally!! my fedora can see DAY LIGHT after it was bought (cause i shy to wear it out la... like so attention attracting only... :P)

hehe! my blinged fedora :D
arent u proud of me Sab? :D

then i turned away to do some other stuff... and guess what i saw when i turned back!!!
my POPO!!!! haha! i just had to take a pic of her wearing it
cute eh? :D

Friday! LIITA! pics are with Jo and Em, i've already been tagged in facebook. so go see if u all just CANT GET enuf of Dot! :P

:D Em's back! :D
Saturday! Silver bells!
we were supposed to go in something silver or blue... Em has the blue.. and i have the Satin white that was supposed to pull off as silver la... :D

we went to Italiannes, Pyramid for our cell's christmas dinner
my ALL time favourite- Carbonara!!!
dang! i wanna go back there! :P

Classic Pizza- it was yummy alrite, but i'm still a pepperoni fan la :P
and that's Julian at the back :D

Fried Calamari! yum yum! but i still like the chinese way of cooking it... the taste is different, and i still prefer kung po lai liu ha! :D

hehe! in this pic- the on-looker: Jo Lynn, the accomplice: Leeza Foo, the mastermind: Vivian Kuan!!!
they were caught in act drooling over Grace's pepperoni pizza *tsk tsk tsk*

the legacy of the 'No Shame Cell'
Clockwise from top left: Jo Goh (the FOUNDER), Dot Tan (the President), Vivian Kuan (the Mascot), Leeza Foo (the Intern)

hehe! REALLY! these gals never fail to amuse me, esp the MASCOT! :P

SEE WHAT I MEAN! (they finally got their pepperoni pizza, HA!)
nonetheless, i'm thankful to have u gals supporting me =)

oh Funky Hat Sunday!
The Attendance TEAM! :D
check out my oh-so-blinged fedora! ngek ngek ngek!
well.. i thot my hat would have been the FUNKIEST! but!!! those kids i tell u!! they CHEATED!!! they had their mommies decorate their hats *pouts at a corner* :P

Big Ben!
hehe! we were the Attendance Duo (couldnt call it a team back then because truly... there was only the both of us*... but now got TEAM le! dont play play! :P)
*oh yah! there was Nick too, but he wasnt there that Sun... so couldnt cam-whore with him :(

OH!!! i hate to say this... but.. but.. but... I WATCHED THEM GROW!!!
goodness!! i'm so proud of these gals!!!
Ejuen can SO sing! Nicole's a lil shy, but she sang too k! and Michelle danced!
altho they didnt give me one of those i-wanna-be-a-mom-someday moments, i was still VERY proud of them! :D

oOps! hey... wat's a girl surrounded with helium balloons to do? :P

On the same day... we (Jo Koo, Tay Jo, and Jay Sonn, oh ya! and Dot) went to Bangsar to visit Foo at her online boutique stall...
the Tasty Cherry Chapstick :D
hehe! went all the way there.. die die must camwhore a bit la :P

Foo and Tay :D

OH! FINALLY! my LATEST update!
TODAY! oh... it's 1.15am now... so fine.. YESTERDAY...
went with Em and her family to this dessert shop's opening to test out their desserts. the shop's called Snowflake.
these are a few of the desserts they had up for tasting..
it's quite complicated to explain every bowl...
therefore i'll just explain mine la k!
it's tauhua based, with sweet potato toppings.
i realised i like my tauhua warm/hot... they had ice shavings in my syrup which diluted the syrup... so ya.. that's 1 boo boo for them. but the environment was nice and clean tho! so 1 thumbsup!
gah! so hard to decide if i'll go back there again!
in moments like this... the PRICE plays a BIG part, BUT! we didnt know the price of our desserts cause we tasted them for free...
so... MAYBE i MITE go there again to check for the warm selections la..

:D i'm still VERY happy to have my internet connection back! :D
the next few days' gonna be BUSY BUSY!! cause CHRISTMAS is HERE!!! WOOHOO!!!!