Sunday, December 07, 2008

Wordy: Preview

hey hey!! miss me? :P
it's been AWHILE since i last blogged! well... partly due to my finals... had to study u know!
BUT! mainly cause my com CRASHED!!! i almost cried when that happened... cause a series of things happened b4 the com crashed... (it crashed like 2 weeks ago! ask me how i survived, ask me ASK ME!!! :P)

so this is a preview of the things i will blog about la.. from the most current to the most my memory can take me :P

it's 7/12/08 10:32pm now... and guess what?! i'm blogging from a cyber cafe in PJ far from home! well.. actually PJ isnt that far from home la.. but considering the turns that eu jin made.. (ya.. me is here with the lims-Grace and Esther, Eu jin and ha! the pianist guy that i can never catch his name *shy*) they are playing counter strike while esther's chatting and me is BLOGGIN! :D

5th dec- i went to time square! ( i cant believe the com here la! the Q key is missing!!! so i have to use a pen to poke it! SMART LE? :P) for the 1st time!!! :D well... it's like sg wang la.. the shops there are very colorful... as in the things sold in the shops are very colorful, if u know what i mean...
BUT!!! i managed to get a plain T for 9.90 and a vest that i oh-so-like for 25!!! :D
the catch there is that u cant try on the clothes... so it's kinda scary... i saw this dress that was 25 too... wanted to get it... but i couldnt seem to find the dressing room... it was so sad! i walked around in the shop with LOTS of ppl around me like a lost child :( then i saw the little hand-written-sign "NO TRYING" :(
who buys dresses without trying them? (online shopping doesnt count la :P)
didnt get to walk much tho.. cause bro was UPSET the time he came to meet me *pfft*
so i didnt even get to SEE the rides :(
no pics cause i was determined to buy something... camera heavy la :P
left after an hour or so... like after the HOUR drive we took to get there! ish! and then to get stuck in yet another hour of jam! -.-
but it was PRODUCTIVE! :P

days before- had my finals on the 3rd and 4th. they went pretty well =) thank U Jesus! guess maybe that's y my com crashed at such a timely moment la.. so i could concentrate studyin :P

the week before:
teman-ed my bro to the hosp- Sime Darby Healthcare/Hospital something like that la :P so sad rite? it's no longer called SJMC... SJMC was an ICON ok!! no idea why they changed it.. it was pretty obvious that sjmc belonged to sime darby... considering they share the SAME logo! oh well! ANYWAYS! will blog more about that when i get me com back! cause i have pics! :D

the week before before :P...
i was compiling my pictures for my photography class assignment.. happy happy i was with the result!! (as in the pics i took la.. not the grade i got for the assg.. dunno bout the grade yet)

GOTTA GO! they are done with their CS! more updates the next time i get my hands on a com that has internet connection!