Tuesday, January 27, 2009


oh the long back-dated post on my photography assignment!

we were supposed to create a scrapbook with the pics we took of
a) macro shots
b) outdoor model shoots
c) a marathon
d) Black & White
e) Landscape

we went to the Taman Bunga Raya in KL to take macro shots of flowers... it was an irony tho.. cause Sonee doesnt have the macro function... i was pretty upset that day...
BUT!!! to my surprise, Sonee behaved REALLY well! and she managed to capture these shots!
LOTS of shots were taken la.. but these few were chosen to be compiled into the scrapbook =)

the idea of the shot was to capture the flower with the stones as the background... but suddenly i saw a spider creep out... :D
i think i named this Bunga Raya.. hehe! ran out of ideas :P
lecturer showed us a video of tips in taking pics. the host mentioned that when taking pics, we should walk around the subject to find for a best spot.
as angling is very important for macro shots... i LOOKED UP and saw THIS!
*shutters away*

"Eat This Photoshop"
teehee! this was taken with my cousin's nikon *** (couldnt remember :P) when we were in Perhentian.
i love this pic cause it looks like it's computer generated with the flawless white petals and the yellow center... YET! it's actually a picture of REAL flowers! with no editing! KENG le?! :P

the focus of the pic here is the pistil of the flower, which is the reproduction organ of a flower! hence the title =)

NEXT: Outdoor Model Shoot
OOH! the assignment that i DISLIKED the MOST!
cause i knew nuts bout wat's a nice model shot and it's really depressing to stand next a whole group of classmates that have DSLRs -.-

nevertheless, i found some pics that i like =)

model: Jesslyn

model: Lu Xanne
oh! this wasnt included in the scrapbook cause her arm was overexposed :P
and there're 2 tones on her face...
actually i accidently put this pic here la..
but oh well! :P
yes.. i kinda failed in taking still shots of the models.. then Sab decided to spin and GUESS WHAT?! hehe!
p/s: do NOT be deceived by her angelic look :P

heh! this 1 no need to explain lo hoh? :P

Part 3: MMHA marathon
-.- we had to wake up at 5.30 in the morning to get ready for this assignment cause the marathon starts at 7! PFFT!!!
this was actually WORSE than the model shoot... actually.. i dont like taking pictures of people... not with Sonee (for assignment purposes)... cause it's HARD! (camwhoring is a different story altogether :P)
thankfully, with some coincidence and angling, Sonee and Dot managed to pull through =)

cant remember the name of this pic either!
wanted to take a pic of the winding road.. and a motorcyclist came by! :D
the motorcyclist added depth to the pic.. hence making it a better pic ;)
-.- i seriously forgotten the titles!!! I WANT MY SCRAPBOOK BACK!
well... it was a walkathon.. so die die also i should have a pic of some people walking rite? :P
"hold my hand"
teehee! before this couple were my lecturer and her fiancee... wanted to take a pic of their backs with them holding hands... BUT!! they didnt... however, the couple behind (the owners of the shadows) did! so i took the opportunity lo! :D cause shadows more artsy i think :P

there were (what's isi tersirat" in english ar?) stories to each picture that were captured... but then ar... i lazy to type la.. so u're just reading what i'm coughing out in the spur of the moment :P
"where's my ball?"
ok.. let me give u a glimpse of the stories i wrote...
for this pic... it was PLAIN coincidence that the boy was staring at the goal post.. and the train passed by...
the train represents modernization of our country
the boy represents the children of this generation
the football field represents a child's game...
the missing ball represents the kiasu-ness of parents in this generation that have chosen to push their children so hard.. for tuition... to score better and BETTER... until finally....
their child will only know how to SPELL F.U.N yet NOT know the TRUE meaning of FUN!
heh! DEEP le? well.. in the scrapbook it's writen in a nicer form la... i'm just writing this based on what i could remember :D

now for something lighter...
Black and White pics!
i love taking pics in B&W.. it automatically gives the pic a story... altho there isnt exactly a story to tell when the pic was taken :P
"MY swimming pool"
MY here carries 2 meaning... MY in caps is the shortform of Malaysia and MY is My la.. get it? :P
so yea.. this pic was taken in Perhentian...
it's kinda like one of those pics that could be used for a cuti-cuti Malaysia kinda campaign...
the idea sparked when i recalled the ad done by Australia's tourism board... a kid said "we've removed the sharks from our waters" and the sea was UBER blue!!!
so similarly... this picture shows that waters of Malaysia too can pass as swimming pools :D
heh! this 1 no story la.. it's just a meeting between a camwhore and a cam-pro wannabe! :P

this was taken when i was in Ipoh... after i got the photography assignment... mom went to get some knives sharpened... and i had the idea that pics of ppl doing something in black and white would look nice.. HENCE! =)

last but not least, Landscape

this was taken in Perhentian (gosh i miss that place!!!)
why is it nice? heh! i dunno! :P
i just like it.. it would look nicer if i took from the same angle as i did for the pic with my bro in B&W
but i wasnt thinking when i took this pic... :P

OH! i WAS thinking when i took this!
we were on our way to the island.. it was a crazy bumpy ride... but FUN :D excluding the backaches it caused us :D
then i spotted this loner on the sea... so i tried to zoom as much as Sonee could take me.. altho we didnt get to capture much of the ship... but i oh-so-LOVE the blueness of the sky and water! :D and the way the clouds swirl!! :D :D

hehe! this was taken when i was in Redang... it's supposed to be a sunRISE! but it kinda looks SET-ish here...
i blogged bout this pic before...
it's thus far my FAVOURITE landscape picture :D

teeehee! if u noticed... 2/3 of my landscape pics were taken in portrait! i kinda thot: DIE!!! when my classmate brought it up.. cause i never thot of it that way... i just thot landscape would be on sceneraries.. THANKFULLY my lecturer was gracious enuf to accept the pictures =)

oh yes... how can a scrapbook be filled with only the masterpieces and not the...

Master, or in this case MISTRESS herself! hehe!
pic courtesy of Sab

if only ALL assignments were this FUN!
i miss the photoshooting sessions we had...
anybody wanna go out just to take some pictures? CALL ME!! :P

the jouney continues...