Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's a Family Thing

this point of time LAST WEEK... i was at home... being so blur that the clock was gonna strike 12 SOON.. teehee!

and this was wat happened LAST WEEK's TOMORROW

hehe! after dressing up accompanied by the constant "HURRY UPs" from my parents...
we had to take a family pic la :D
a decent shot for the family's keeping

and a FUNNY 1 for the blog!!
excuse my parents and popo la.. they still not awake :P

then we journeyed to my ah ma's place for breakfast! (altho breakfast was prepared at my place -.-)
wanted to take a pic of how the shoes mount up as the morning ends.. but then i FORGOT about it! and most ppl were there by the time we came... so there's only 1 pic.... :P

daddy went home to get some med for my grandaunt..
it's so convenient that our homes are so near :D

the RED family!
no.. i dont have a compilation of the different colored families... cause only this family was color coordinated :P
fr left: Melanie, cousin Ching cheh cheh, Ah Lai koko, Nicholas
the Siok Sendiri-ness runs in the family
Dot: *focuses camera*
Cousin Milton: *focuses camera*
Cousin Ching: OOH! papparazzi! WAVE!
sigh... :P

hehe! Guess WHO??! :P

Tea Session...
Daddy and his mommy =)
a trick i learnt in class... when the background's too bright... ON UR FLASH!!!

but then ah ma's too pale... or maybe the flash landed on her...
so i turned off the flash... not bad! the pic wasnt blur (remember that Sonee's temperamental indoors -.-)

my ever so mischievous brother
he was told to bend LOWER cause he's too tall... but the joker bent OVER -.-

wahahahaha! the self proclaimed super star! :P
Em! i used the bag u gave me! no bad.. could fit quite a lot of ang pau(s) :D

A Series of Comical Tea Serving: Presented by Uncle Lawrence

shot#1: while serving tea... his phone rang and he answered it
shot#2: to make up to the stalled tea serving moment, uncle lawrence demonstrated ULTIMATE Fillial Piety by giving countless "kao-taos" (bows) to my ah ma

just when u thot his session is over...
shot#3: he passed comments on ongoing conversations that were not captured

shot#4: FINALLY! a decent shot :P

hehe! i like this pic! very candid!
look at the laugh on cousin Ching's face! (it clearly shows she LOVES ang paus, OOPS! :P)

the SELF CLAIMED super star AGAIN! hehe! giving my godma tea =)

On the 2nd day of CNY, Cousin Ching invited us over to her place for dinner.
LoW-ing the Sang :P

GONG XI FA CAI to ALL my lovelies! =)