Sunday, February 01, 2009

Hong Sik Hong Sik

i got my Dell Lappie!!! it's an Inspiron :D
got it last wed, before i went to ipoh!
Thanks Dell for the prompt delivery! =)

yes.. if u watched the vid (if u didnt SHAME ON U!) i mentioned my dream... with my uncle and aunt opening my lappie without my permission... heh!
it was SO real k!
Yue! u were there too! i told u about wat they did.. and u scolded them with me! haha!
am glad it's just a dream.. cause it's nuts to break family ties over stuff like that (altho i'd be REALLY pissed and upset if it REALLY happened) i'm sorry but who gets to open a laptop every now and then?

Happy Happy me!!

and yes! it's RED!! LOVE IT! :D


emily said...

HOT!! love it! my fave colour! hehe good taste!

it's really nice! =)

wheee enjoy ur new lappie!

haha like leeza said, u're like a kid on christmas day! hehe =)


jaysonn said...

memang tak tau malu,... ish ish.... narcissistic

-dot- said...

COMMENTS!!! ppl do read my blog! hehe!

Peng! teehee! when i saw that dell has colored lappies.. i knew i had to have the red 1 :D
am LOVING it! :D

Jaysonn.. sorry la.. ppl dont get to have lappies to open up every other day u know! of course must document la! :P

Adam said...

vid taken with Sonee and I have steady hands.

I'm so tempted to copy that last 2 second frame, and duplicate it, over and over and over again...u know...just like those taiwan shows.

-dot- said...

nobody asked about you :P
and pls dont itchy hands ar! or i'll STARE U TO DEATH! :P