Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Embarrassment OVERDOSED!!!

sigh... this would not come as a surprise to most of u that already know me.. or have actually spent a full's day out with me..

but for the benefit of those that are deprived of the privilege of spending time with Dot... and for those that find Dot embarrassing herself ever-so-amusing (sigh! :P)
i have decided to blog about what happened today...

after class, dad wanted to pay some bills at the post office but me being a DIVA! hah! insisted that i was FED! so daddy dropped me at Nirvana (no.. not the funeral parlour) but the banana leaf rice restaurant in USJ9 while he settle the bills..

so i went in alone lo..

as i entered, the boss came out and walked towards me...

he mumbled something...

thinking that he'd recognize me cause my family and i always go there (there u go! a HINT to my stalkers :P)

i told him.. sigh... cant believe i did it but this was what i said, "table for 1 pls"

he was like, "huh?"

AND I OUGHT TO SHOOT MYSELF FOR ACTUALLY REPEATING, "table for 1" *with the index-finger-lifted-up-gesture, signing ONE*

once again, he went, "HUH?"

then it struck me... was he talking to me when he mumbled? do they have the "pls wait to be seated" rule here?

and the correct answer is: NO! (to both questions) *drops head in shame*

so i quickly walked in and sat down with my back facing the boss, determined to never look at his direction again!

OH! just when you thot, HAHA, There! Dot did it again! Once again updating her list of embarrassing moments...

well... I WAS ON A ROLL!!

just minutes later, Dot's Embaraz-O-meter climbed a notch! (sigh...)

i ordered the fried vege (i know i shouldnt be eating that... but it's so yummy!!)
with my conscience constantly YANKING my senses, i decided to flip the entire plate of fried vege over a piece of tissue so the oil will flow down and sip into the tissue...

but i just had to keep the butterfinger's Pride alive...

the vege spilled... LOTS of it... shy shy SHY!!!

i think nobody witnessed wat happened... i HOPE nobody witnessed wat happened!!

note to self: never attempt any stunts with food, pots, pans, knives... as a matter of fact, NEVER ATTEMPT ANY STUNTS, PERIOD!

altho my mom didnt find that funny (maybe she's immuned with my embarrassing moments) but i still hope that they amused you...

HaVe A nIcE DaY!! =)