Sunday, February 08, 2009

A RED Packet for the Season =)

here are some snapshots taken by my bro too... when my lappie came =)

this was when he realised he should take a vid :D

after the all time favourite "ENOUGH LA" (shy) i had a series of firsts! :D

hehe! my FIRST time switching my FIRST lappie on :D

the same evening,
we went to Puchong for dinner (been goin there-cousin's place alot cause staying at home for the hols on CNY is just INTOLERABLE!! :D)

i had 3 sessions of Lou Sang this year!
dont really fancy the taste of it, i just like the process of tossing it :D and picking out the fish :P
but this year's Lou Sang sessions, only 1 of the 3 had fish! -.-

this is why i dont like being the camera person...
i dont get to be in the pictures!! :(

but it's always rewarding to get pics of smiles! :D

and clear ones too! :D

heh! an attempt to get a sexy shot of me new lappie.. noticed i've still not gotten a name for it?
sigh... suggestions anybody?
dang! shouldnt have given Sexy to my bro's lappie...
but then again... my lappie's not sexy... it's more of HOT.. cause if its redness i think :P
ROAR! *puts on thinking cap*
now i kinda undestand the stress parents go thru to name their child...

the next day, we travelled up north to Ipoh!
this time i was REALLY determined to have Dim Sum, so determined that i only took pics of Dim Sum for my whole trip to Ipoh... *lalala*

i took a pic of this cause this is the 1st time i'm seeing clam/oyster/i-have-no-idea-what-shellfish-is-this served as dim sum!
didnt try it tho, cause me no fan of shellfish besides Lala :D

and that was the end of my CNY hols :(