Thursday, January 15, 2009


CLEARLY, Jo Goh, the OLD FART didnt understand that! (that's her new nickname, which she GLADLY accepted when she pleaded us to let her sleep :P)

we started our nite, after service with Mumtaj (however u spell it) naan, then we went over to Jo's place in Surian Condos..
it's been a year since we've been there! and now the apartment looks even nicer! :D

after settling ourselves in, and setting up the place, we brought the girlie girls out of us!

Em started the "kutu-finders" clan! :P

she started braiding Jo's hair...

then Foo got itchy, i mean EXCITED and she wanted to be a part of the clan...

but not all ppl are blessed with LONG braidable hair... *sob* me *sobs*
so Jo Goh came to me rescue!
she brought her ceramic hair styler thingy, cool stuff i tell u! ;)

looking that i fail in camwhoring while trying to include Jo Goh in the picture...
Jo Tay offered to help =)
excuse the face.. i was.. actually i couldnt remember wat was i doing :P

this picture does NOT qualify as a cam-whoring pic.. cause someone else took it for me.. and i was just being nice by smiling back :P

enuf of ME!
others that were there...

Foo and Sandra =)

Tay Jo... with her hair straightened! by jo koo =)

hehe! Viv might just kill me for posting this pic.. but then again.. how can i NOT rite? :P

as time passed...

the Clan grew BIGGER!

looks harmless eh the process?
but but but.. it was PAINFUL!! cause Jo had to clip the thongs real hard to make sure that the hair is straightened... as a result.. when she pulled the thongs... some of my hair gets yanked out :(

hmm... did the pain pay off?
now i think i kinda like it :D
but now my hair's too short to be straightened! :(

:D me bestie!!
that's REALLY particular about her hair! not a day will u see her hair messed up!

hehe! a more decent pic of Viv ;)

of 2 bimbos and a DOT :P

then we got hungry...
so some of the gals went to cook some food :D

question: how many gals does it take to beat up 10 eggs?
did u get it right? :P
well.. they opened the packets of the noodles too la :D

while they were cooking, the rest of us were outside laughing to Pierce Brosnan's choked-up-singing in Mamma Mia.. well.. where else did he sing? :P

but i have to say... no matter how weird his singing is, he still has his charm =)

WARNING!* (been awhile since i gave one.. but i think this is pretty much neccessary :P)
*not for the faint-hearted :P*


we (excluding both the old farts... Jo Goh and Leeza Foo!) slept after 5.30AM!!

:D coolness! we have our sleepy piggy and yet another set of 7 hotties! :P
u can treat urself to a recap of our previous sleepover HERE
(search for sleepin piggy and the 7 hotties)

while waiting for 2 Jo's and Viv =)
this is a record holding pic! not easy to fit 5 ppl in 1 camwhored shot le! (with every1's face fit properly in the pic)
u should see the attempts we made! thanks to Foo! with long limbs... she managed to fit all of us in! :D

hehe! ever since photography class... i realised that i REALLY like taking macro shots! :D
thanks to Jo for allowing me to use Ixy, i got to take these shots =)

hehe! excuse the stains on the nails la.. not only was the photographer an amatuer... so was the hand model *cough* VIVIAN *cough* :P

this has to be me fav pic!
the whole darkening of the background was TOTALLY unplanned..
guess the reason this happened is the same as when u take a pic with something bright (like the sun) as ur background... everything darkens.. so now that the bright thing is the screen of Em's cam, everything around it is darken lo.. (it's just Dot's wild guess :P)

and so happened Jo looked at us smiling! :D

Jo Goh!! u should so use this as ur profile pic! :P

...and that was our sleepover!