Thursday, January 15, 2009

SEI ar!!!

not to worry, nobody's dying :P

last Oct, i sat for my MUET, and today, the results are FINALLY out!

we checked it out thru our handphones.. was pretty exciting cause the 3 of us (Sab, Yue and i) did it together :D

surprisingly their response was pretty quick, in fact, VERY quick!
in less than a minute, even b4 my hp's screensaver popped up, i got my reply!
but.. the result was less than wat i expected...

so i thot... hmm... maybe they made a mistake (cause the reply came back JUST too SOON!)

hence, i was determined to come back and check it online!

with HOPES that my wishful thinking would come to past...


oh well! am just glad it's over =)