Monday, January 12, 2009

Of an Irony and Colors

just when i thot i dont have anything to blog about (well.. i thot i didnt have anything to blog about like 3 days ago la.. now i actually have SOMETHING to blog about.. but i will blog about THIS first k! :P)

the Irony: i got my DRIVER's license done!
heh! YES, the Dot DOES have a Driver's license, i'm actually AUTHORISED to drive! the thing is... this authority maybe RETRACTED when i do DRIVE *sigh* hence i've put it on hold :P
STILL! the license had to be done la.. if i dont do it within a year after my 'P' expires, i've gotta take the test ALL OVER AGAIN! and NEVER am i gonna do that!

on Fri morn, Yen was such a dear when she agreed to send me to JPJ to get my license done.
upon arriving at JPJ and taking my number...
JPJ staff: Cik ada bawa GAMBAR?
dearie Yen pushed her dear-ness UP a notch when she drove me around PJ state to get a pic of me taken!
p/s Yen: LOVE U!! MUAX!
finally we found this small photostudio thingy (i think it's in PJ state la.. but u know Dot and directions.. :P) which could get a pic of me done in 10 mins!

so this was the outcome!
kinda dreaded taking a pic after my haircut cause i think it's too short and i look like a durian -.-
but i guess it turned out oK! :D

my driver's license!
excuse the ugly black thingies... need to erase important info ma :P

2 years ago =)


the colors:
on the same day, Yen and i went to the Curve so Yen could get a haircut and so i can do a lil more SHOPPING! *muahahaha* :P
while Yen was getting her ever-so-long haircut, i bought a top and discovered one of my FAV shops!
Daiso, a jap shop that sells everything from cosmetics, kitchen ware, to stationery for RM 5 :D
when i saw the pens, i knew i HAD to buy them!!
cause they were oil based, color ballpens, i thot they would be reliable la ;)
got them and then camwhored FOR them :P

imagine what would we be missing out if our world was just black and white...

count ur blessings, treasure ur eyes!
choose to see PRETTY things =)