Monday, January 05, 2009

The FIRST 21st...

we (SMK USJ 4-rians) celebrated dearie Laura's 21st birthday on the 3rd of January (the 1st 21st of my kind!!!)! well.. her bday is in Feb.. but she has to go back to the U.S. for her studies before her bday.. so her lovely parents decided to throw her a party before she leaves.
the party was in... now wat's the name of that restaurant again... well.. it's in Holiday Villa la..
we had a buffet lunch. i didnt use Sonee as much cause the lighting was pretty bad in the room.. but these pics are enuf to tell the story la :D

tiramisu cake =)

that's Laura!! the birthday gal!

and that's her signature grin!
altho u mite not read this, but gal, u've grown into such a lady! and i'm proud of u!! =)

group pic of Laura and the Fourians
top from left: Wei Kit, Dot, Yen, Mae Yue, Laura, Yeem, Em, Melvin
bottom from left: Aman and Haravinth

Happy 21st Birthday Laura!
may you be blessed in ALL ur undertakings =)