Saturday, January 03, 2009

This is What I Call a HOLIDAY!

after MUCH planning and discussion... actually more discussion! we decided to go to NiuZeXui for lunch on Friday... plan was to meet at Liie's place @ 12pm cause we were goin in 2 cars... and Liie knows the way.

HOWEVER... Em had to take her passport... so we (Yen, Em and I) were 1/2 an hour late to get to Liie's place...

WORSE STILL!!! to our surprise... Yeem and Carrere werent there yet!

another 1/2 and hour passed as we waited at Liie's place... then!

the phone rang...

everyone else: @#$@#@#$%#)(*#$*(@@!! (hehe! no worries... no foul language were used in the course of this conversation :P)

drive drive drive... picked carrere... drive turn turn...

and we saw THIS!!!

the WOMAN was drying her clothes!
AIH!!! and judging by what she was wearing... we knew we were gonna have to wait LONGER!
so we (more like "I") resorted to camwhoring in the car with Car ;)

while Yeem bathes -.-
this is why i said "I" resorted to camwhoring with Car.. cause no one else wanted to camwhore with me!
hence the face :P

*tick tock tick tock*

finally we reached NZX... i'll let the pics describe the place k! =)

ooh! i like the starbucks there! so cool rite? it has 3 floors!
Car guessed the top floor would be the smoking zone.. i hope NOT! cause if it was.. then non-smoking ppl wont get to enjoy the view up there...

then we had lunch in Full House (the one Liie and Car were talking about so much that we thot they ate there before... but the truth?)
Yeem: What's nice here ar?
Liie: DUNNO.. never ate here before.. walked passed only
Everyone: -.-

but that's cool la.. cause they had a real interesting menu!
instead of just listing all the set meals available in one page...
they had drawings of the sets!
this was the set i had*...
*pics of REAL food below :P

and they even had a cute page :D

Head Count of Antiques:

#1: Yeem
#2: Em
#3: Carrere
#4: Yen
#5: Liie (dont u think this pic could be photoshop-ed and have a Thought Bubble added to it?) Go Liie! do something! :D

in the cafe, there were lots of furniture and deco items such as the violin this boy was playing with =)

they even have a mini boutique... which i sneaked into to take some shots while waiting for the food :D
*teehee* with itchy hands and lots of guts... i moved their deco pieces to get these pics :D
the white steel thingy is a miniature eiffel tower... u know how ppl associate Paris and Love rite... hence! :D
wait... eiffel tower IS in PARIS rite? *lalala* (malas to google :P)

-Fashionista- =)

got thirsty after that.. so went back to the table :D

my lime juice and Yeem!
my lime juice with Yeem and her soup! :D

more artsy wannabe shots while waiting for the food...
the tables and setting was really white, so i thot my red necklace would look nice on it :D

doesnt look very red huh? actually the tables dont look very white either..
me no know why... oh wells!
Carrere and stars :D


Em and Carrere

Yeem, Liie and ME! :D
(No pics of Yen cause she cam-SHY -.-)

eh heh! Em looks like she has a pointed chin (outlined with that green thingy :P)
blurring of ppl in both pics were intentional cause the focus was on the Bonsai looking garnishing :P
but I the GENIUS... forgot to take a pic of Em n Yeem that actually focused on them... lalala DIE!
Carrere with her doLy fish... yes.. we strongly believe it's doRy... but it was a 'L' :S

Liie with her chicken and this is Liie's Dot's-NOT-letting-me-eat face

this is my carbonara! YUM! (altho the sauce tasted a lil sweet :S but it was still nice =) )
this is also the reason i was so excited when i saw Car's bonsai looking garnish thingy... mine looked LIMP! :(
Liie's chicken (pic courtesy of Liie)

yet another pic of Liie's chicken.. but this time... with Yeem DROOLING behind! :P

finally a pic of ME! (heh! not to worry u DotFanatics... LOTS of ME comin up :P)
and my carbonara of course :D

Yam ice cream... not really a fan of it... CHOC's always my fav! but it's actually pretty yummy la.. having said that... 1 scoop is ENOUGH :P

Liie enticing all you readers to have some yam ice cream!
(actually she's eating mash potatoes :P)

-thru the glass-
like LITERALLY! i noticed i could see Yeem through the bottom of my glass.. so i thot.. ee.. experiment time!
this is my fav pic of all the glass pics.. cause Yeem's smiling for REAL! (she had some notti-fake-smile ones :P)
but the pic's blur for a few reasons possible:
the cam was off focus... my left hand (holding the glass) was shaking cause the glass is VERY HEAVY!!! or the glass is dirty/frosted/wet...
i like to think it's the LATTER :P

Yeem playing with Sonee...

finally another pic of yen! but it's blurred -.-

after makan... the FUN BEGINS!!!
remember i said they have FURNITURE in the cafe... well...

i just HAD to do it la! :P
more SS pics are with Em.. havent compiled them...

as we walked to the stairs...

yeap! we never fail to seize any cam-whoring opportunities :P

:D this happened when the camera-gal gave a corner-stare to the waiters that were about to interrupt our camwhoring session :P

our lunch portion was a lil too small perhaps? :P

DotDot had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb,
DotDot had a little lamb, that's PAINT was white as snow!

a PINK retro phone (altho i think it's written "found"!) i like!

watch me do MAGIC!
*poof* :P
there was this disney carnival thing goin on in NZX... but we had to pay to enter... and my antiques didnt want to go.. so...
*wails like mickey was never real*
so to comfort me.. Car agreed to camwhore with me with the soft toy version of Mickey and Minnie...
we walked pass this area that was selling disney stuff... so when no 1 was watching.. we just grabbed the toys and camwhored with them :P
but it's true that we didnt go in the carnival :(

i really wanted a macro shot of this! it's so pretty aint it? :D
but this was the best Sonee could do...

Dot: SHIT! (no.. in this context... Dot wasnt cursing)
Liie: Shit also want to take ar?
Dot: OF COURSE! this isnt any other shit.. this is a HOT PINK shit! :P

Dot: Dont make me do it!
Carrere: You dont make me do it!
Yeem: OH! lets just do it!

oh oh! look at the next 2 pics... SPOT THE DIFFERENCE!!!

just in case u havent noticed... Carrere was my camwhoring partner that day :P

pepper anybody?

i like my eyes here.. they look round... *teehee*

i really wanted to climb that ladder.. for a better pic.. but ar.. it looked so brittle.. could hear cracks by just holding the ladder :S
pretty pic vs pretty me... HMM... :P

after camwhoring on that ladder only did we realise that the gallery was themed after mamma mia...

CarrereA the Vamp-aya!
sunsilk moment (forgot to capture the fan :P)
the place was pretty warm... they only had those side blowers and stand fans that well.. blow from the side toO! so u only feel cold when u walk pass the fan... oh ya.. they have air cons too... but... it's an open air concept (altho it has a roof) so how to be cooling le? sigh...

kanak-kanak Carrere
was just talking to Yen that parents should buy more beneficial toys for their children when we saw some dad walking his daughter that was walking with this butterfly thingy in Pyramid.
see... u have to push the butterfly thingy in a straight line for it to actually work...
well.. how many kids can even WALK in a straight line? needless to say PUSH?
so they end up dragging this across the floor creating a deafening screeching noise! (u getting the picture?)
so PLS! if not for urself... do ur kid... and the entire HUMANKIND a favor (which happens to include u la..) buy ur kid(s) BENEFICIAL toys!


Yeem has finally found her man!!!

watch where she's COMFORTABLY placing her hand *gasps in shock*

my dear fren of 15years...
i'm sincerely HAPPY for u! *holds in laughter* :P

you mite wanna enlarge the pic to see the words...
p/s: view at ur OWN risk :P

ANOTHER spot the difference perhaps?

i like this pic, Liie looks so shweet here! :D

had to include tis cause Sonee did a good job in finally focusing on the words =)

-time tellers-
-nutty nutcracker-

altho we do not encourage homosexuality...

posing for picture purposes are acceptable :P
look how Car is FEELING it :P

that was our trip to NZX... we didnt take a groupic... NOOB! oh wells! there's always NEXT TIME! :P

now for a lil SIDELINES...
remember i mentioned i was with Yen in Pyramid some days back?
we went there to get a pressie for Laura's 21st Birthday (it's her 21st.. and she invited us to her party... of course we had to get her something nice!)

what does this rose remind u of?

ANNA SUI!!! (this is the best pic i've got... for the 100th time... i need a better cam!)
it's an eyeliner... and mind u... the texture's uber smooth! I LOVE IT!! *hint* :P

up next, Laura's 21st Birthday Party...


Yen said...

see the reason why i was avoiding camera ?
sooo gemuk man in tht first pic! =(

-dot- said...

hello! see.. the 2nd pic is alright ma.. cause it was taken from a right angle.. but that's the only right angle pic we have of u cause u ALWAYS cover ur face!

the next best thing would be the 1st pic that was taken from a low angle (which makes u look fat).. had to take from low angle while u werent watching.. so next time...

STAY STILL AND SMILE when the cam points at u!