Friday, January 02, 2009


been reading some blogs... on how frens have been rethinking 08... well.. i havent been reminiscing about 2008.. cause i was procrastinating? *lalala*
nonetheless, i'm thankful that i could just sit here and type! :D
there were certainly ups and downs in 2008,
1 particular down would be my studies!!!
didnt do too well in my spring sem... summer was good =) but then fall... ha! results arent out yet.. am trusting for a miracle!! oh well, will try harder this year! =)

oh ya! my 2008's resolution! to be a better daughter! *lalala* lets just say... i'll be setting that as my 09's resolution too! :P

hmm.. as for UPs!
my skin's recovering! PRAISE THE LORD! altho it has occasional bumps... due to haywired sleepin time... i'm very happy it's not painful to smile anymore =)
much thanks to Sab's mom!!! love ya! :D

much more happened thru out the year.. but like i said.. i havent been thinkin about it.. so i'm typing as what comes to my mind (and clearly at 2.. with NO afternoon naps.. my mind doesnt have pretty much in it! :P)

since i cant think of anything rite now... i'll entertain u with some pics k!

the umbrella gals! :D

from left: Dot (excuse the hair :S), Sarah, Mei Fong and Viv
(left Sonee in church after taking this pic...)

ha! and my FIRST 09 picture was taken with Tay Jo!
it was the 1 and only actually :P
feels GREAT having Sonee back! :D

ooh! my first dinner in 2009, Sizzling Lamb Chop from Salmon Steak
altho it wasnt some canggih place... but i'm still happy cause i LOOOOVVVVEEEEEEEEEE Lamb!!! :D

after dinner we went to Carrefour... heh! of all the places to go on New Year's Day hoh?
and i got THIS!
no... my toes are naturally long... :P
notice the red-ness of my baby toe?
*sobs* i stumped my baby toe on the trolley!!! :'(
it was only a slight bump... but it hurt REAL bad...
oh ya.. if u look carefully, u can see a blister at the eye of my baby toe too!
got that when i went to pyramid with yen on Wed cause i wore pumps.
poor baby toe...

the verdict is CLEAR: i'm a FlipFlops gal! but i wouldnt mind pretty/hot heels as long as i dont have to walk consecutively for half and hour in them! :P

ah ha! my 2009's resolution:
besides being a better daughter...
i wanna stop eating supper (which i've failed TERRIBLY at keeping cause we had refreshments after watch nite service... and after having the porridge... koko gave me a choc muffin!! how to resist le? :P)
i wanna be more consistent in my spiritual walk =)
since dieting is IMPOSSIBLE for me, i will do more sit ups and lunges (walking and jogging is still a NO NO for Dot :P)
lastly, i wanna sleep by 1 am everynight! (cause i dont want to get scolding from my beautician *teehee*)

heh! i have no idea how would 2009 be like for me...
and i cant say that i'll be ready come what may...
but 1 thing for sure, i'll face it with FAITH!

to all my readers, wishing you a HAPPY New Year would be rather cliche... looking at the economic crisis across the globe... can this New Year really be a HAPPY one?

so i'll wish you a
FAITHFUL New Year instead!

Faith is believing without seeing...
you may not be able to see the blessings laid before you in 2009 (because it's only the 2nd day of the year... :P)
or maybe your vision is too blurred by the bad news that's been hurled at you daily...
when Hope is vague, have FAITH!
for He is FAITHFUL, and His grace is sufficient for you!

so once again, have a