Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2 things

eheh! i'm starting a new label for my posts called 2 things!

it'll be for any random thot that comes to my mind, thots that could be the possible answer for a situation... i'm not so good in explaining.. so i'll just give an example k...

2 things: when your date brings u to a restaurant that has no other customers

1: he's soO sweet (not to mention rich) he booked the entire restaurant so he can be there alone with u

2: he chose a BAD restaurant :P

eheh! this is so i can keep my blog updated MOST of the time when i dont have any picture posts... like NOW! cause i left my camera in church on Sun!!! (yes! i couldnt believe it either!) it's with Mei Fong tho.. so dont panic ppl :P

Dot is... Going for GARLIC CHEESE NAAN now!