Friday, December 26, 2008

Dinner with the Tans

On Christmas day, we had our extended family invited to our place for dinner! mom cooked =) i helped clean the house :D
i was so tired after that so i went to bathe and KO-ed for an hour... after that... was PARTY time!
relatives started comin in family by family...
cousin Alex and gf brought some party hats and packs... Ah Cheng cheh cheh insisted the hosts should wear the hats...
so voila! eh.. i is DOT k! of course i'll take the most GLAM 1! :P
oh Jo!! see the T i'm wearing? *teehee* it's soO cute! so i couldnt resist wearing it! :D (but i think i need to work on my tummy so it'll look nicer on me.. :( )

around 7pm, half of the guests arrived... and that's my bro with the santa hat.. he looks like an ELF doesnt he? :P

while waiting for the rest to come, we did some caroling
led by daddy and mommy's cell leader, Mr. Lee =)

as u can see... most of them were distracted...
cause MORE relatives came!

mom had a plan for the dinner, she wanted it to be evangelistical cause not all of our extended family members were Christians. so after caroling, we played the All I Want for Christmas that we did for LIITA. hehe! i was the game master la =) then Mr. Lee shared a lil about the true meaning of Christmas and it was MAKAN time!

this is Co-en, the 1st of the 4th generation of the Tan family =)

Veron cheh cheh and Elliot (happening name eh? :P)

wahahaha! my popo and ME! :D

yes, i repeat, it was MAKAN time!!!


no pics were taken after this cause
#1: i was busy eating, so was my bro...
#2: we got sick of the terrible lighting (I WANT A NEW CAMERA!!!!)

the dinner was pretty cool, we had a total of 40 ppl stuffed in our humble home =)
credit goes to my mom for taking the time to unite all our relatives on Christmas Day =)


jo said...

AHAHAHAHA glad you like the Tee shirt! =) was afriad you might not be able to fit! hehehehe

you can fit eh? the tummy's bulging????? aiyoo..shame shame! HAHAHAHA mine is slightly bulging already! wakakaka

-dot- said...

i also tot i wont be able to fit... y u so confident in me ar? XS?! cannot d... i need like M now to feel comfortable... sighs... :P

thanks again! :D

jo said...

i forgot you got broad shoulders leh! and i forgot you have developed over the years....ahem... WAKAKAKAKAKA =P

-dot- said...

*teehee* shy... :P
but i still like it! thanks agaiN! :D