Thursday, December 25, 2008


these were the happenings before Sexy was brought home :D

a week before our finals, we (Sab, Yue and i) went for SEGi's CF's Christmas Bash :D
in the pic is SANDRA! she was one of the emcees that evening :D

few days later, teman-ed my bro for a field trip in Sime Darby Healthcare Centre (formally known as SJMC) i still think SJMC sounds nicer! and i was born there! so how can they just change the name! pfft!
had to go to a few places..

the Imaging dept was 1 of them.
i passed the blood bank too! wanted to take a pic of it.. but i shy la :P

btw, i didnt just go there to walk aimlessly and take bad-lighting pics la.. was there with my bro cause he had to see the doc about the lump on his chest.

THEN! i went home to do...
my photography scrapbook assignment :D
likety-like how the flash hits on the title, leaving the rest of the book in the shadows.. looks like a spotlight was hiting on my book eh? :P

the colors of my scrapbook :D

ha! so my bro went to remove the lump.
according to the report, it's non-malicious. Praise the Lord! :D
but it's pretty big! looks like those "ka-na" (some pickled fruit in hokkien.. i think) seed.. gross!

mom wasnt around after koko's surgery.. so we had to eat out (thank U Jesus for my mommy) since koko cant eat chicken (some traditional belief) neither can he eat beef (again... the traditional belief) so i suggested we went to Salmon Steak for LAMB! emm emmMMM!! BUT! my dad... the genius... said no... Logenhaus, Taipan is better... so ok lo... as long as i get my lamb i'm happy :P

daddy's chicken with rice

koko and i had lamb
the verdict: NOT NICE! the lamb was too dry and tasteless! BOO!! and it's more expensive than Salmon Steak! DOUBLE boo!
but their garlic rice was yummy tho! :D

after my finals... didnt do much... wanted to play online games.. but as u know.. my com died.. ROAR! so i bumed..
then it was Grace's bday on the 6th, a Sat... cell was on Fri... so being the ever-so-LOVELY cell leader that i am... got an idea of a bday gift!
TADA!!! i uber love this T... but then ar... suddenly i felt shame while thinking of getting it for myself... (i'm not always so no shame 1 k... :P)
and it struck me that Grace would love it and carry it off.. so we (the cell) got it for her lo! =)

the Cake... this aint no ordinary cake... look closely at the writings on it ;)

a decent pic of us... but Jo was moving a lil too much i guess.. so she's blurred...
when i said decent... i meant BASIL!
SEE what i mean?

and of course.. i meant everyone else too when i said decent :P

Grace: Tissue box ar?
if u look closely... u can actually see that it IS a tissue box!
not just ANY tissue box mine u... it's the Kleenex Disney Princess series ya! :P

hehe! but we all know what's in it by now :P


i broke my shopping fast in TIME SQUARE! now how sad is that?
well.. actually it was so saddening la.. cause i got...
hehe! camwhore shot! :P
... THIS! :D
i oh-so-love this vest! pin-striped with a back-tie thingy! :D
but that was all i bought for myself through out the hols :(
anybody wanna bring me out shopping? :D

remember i mentioned in my previous post that a roach made me run?

ROAR! it was in the toilet roll!!! and i HELD the toilet roll... so CLOSE to me!!! THEN! i saw those 2 thingies (what do u call them? anthenna? i bet not.. but u know what i mean :D) AND!!! i saw it's FACE!!!


so i THREW the toilet roll...

oh... sorry... this was when i actually~


cause the FREAK came flying towards me!!!

the CUE struck me...

run Dot RUN!

ran out, shut the door, got the ridsect, opened the door a lil... saw IT standing on the toilet seat cover!! PFFT! i just sprayed with all my might

this is for making me scream at 11.45 in the night and RUNNING! *makes mean face* :P


jo said...

i'll take you shopping on the 1st you want! heheheh before the year end sales...end? giggle! let me know!

-dot- said...

1st ar? hmm... i need to confirm my field trip with skul frens 1st.. cause we've planned for it to be in the 1st :(