Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ho Chiak! (part 2)

couldnt help it (having 2 parts)... altho we didnt take that many pics (in comparison with the 1000s i took with my antiques) we still took quite a lot of pics despite it being a MAKAN trip la :P

SunDown :D
pretty aint it?
it's quite a wasted shot tho.. cause we could have went down the car to get a clearer pic... WHAT WERE U THINKING DOT?! (somehow my mind was telling me QUICK! got MANY cars waiting for us!! when there wasnt really ANY -.-)
oh well, this is the best shot la.. after quite a lot of editing :P

naturally after sundown.. ppl eat dinner la... so we did!
took the advice from Foo to combine my pics... it's pretty tempting to combine all my pics...
(had to do it with powerpoint tho! sad i know.. cause i'm 1 of those that's photoshop illiterate la.. :P)

but some pics just have to be given some EMPHASIS! :P

it also depends wat story the pic tells i guess :D

like random shots can be combined la.. :D

poser pics will be given a certain amount of priority ;)

Chem has a camera sensor somewhere in her head... she somehow knows when to turn and face the camera! guess it runs in the TAN blood :P

btw, we had Satay Celup =)

u've heard of supper after dinner... some ppl find that UNHEALTHY d...

heh! now i present to u... the meal that's AFTER dinner... yet BEFORE supper
what should we call it?

DinPer? SupNer?

hmm.. who thot of BrUnch ar? smart word!

anyways! coming back to our 4 and 1/2 meal of a "fiscal" day :P

guess the aunty heard that we had dinner already.. so she took awhile to prepare our meal...
hehe! while waiting for our food...
yes! the meal took THAT long to come :P

Yue: can finish ar all the food?
*view picture below for answer*
the lamb soup was Yummy-licious!! :D

heh! now we progress to SUPPER!
i think this pic is by far the best arranged one!
(Foo! arent u proud of me? :P)

oh yes! Supper was OoChien!! *scoops drool* :P
note: it was yummy cause there were LOTS of tasty eggs!
(yes.. we eat oochien cause of the eggs... and NO... we dont want plain fried eggs... it's DIFFERENT! :P)


in the morning, while brushing my teeth... i had the urge of drinking "Cham" from Old Town Kopitiam (cause we've been passing it VERY regularly thru out our stay.. which was only one nite in Malacca) but i didnt mention anything cause i was afraid of the...
"HELLO! we're in MALACCA!!! SIAO ar go OTK?!"

but Jesus Loves me!!!

on our way out for breakfast... nearing OTK...

Yung: Let's have coffee at OTK

Dot: *thinks* YAHOO!!! :D

this OTK is rather special, cause it's in a building that stands alone, aka a bungalow la..
they have 1 like that in PJ Old Town, but i've yet to visit it =)

This OTK is still special cause it's a collaboration between OTK and CIMB.
Dot's DOTTY thot: neither 1 can afford the rental of the whole bungalow :P

hehe! check out the eyebags! :P

my "Cham" and Joseph in the background

Yung, the ah-pek in the making :P

hehe! who knew morning faces could look this HAWT :P

some said the drawing on the drink is a defect Heart...
i say, it's a BUTTERFLY!
sometimes in life... u've just gotta be positive! look at things from different angles, and you'll be in for a surprise, a good one of course ;)

so that was coffee and tea...

lets get some REAL food shall we?

looks like they selll some western food rite?

but looks can be deceiving!

we or should i say I.. was quite jakun-fied that the entrance required us to walk up!
i dunno why.. but i still find it interesting that it's such a small place, yet they made a stairway for us to go up. and the whole place just looks cuter cause it's all bright yellow! :D

yum yum YUM!!!
bad idea to be posting this now.. cause i'm HUNGRY!!! *slurps*
(wanted the cam to focus on the sambal.. but it chose the eggs -.-)

Fruit Rojak!
(this one worse! it's BLUR!! pfft! no offence but i officially dislike canon point-and-shoots)

while we were enjoying all these, Leonard was not feeling well... cause was unknown tho..
that's why he's not here.

we left Malacca after breakfast cause it started raining, only to find ourselves in yet another eventful journey... but let us keep that in the city of history shall we? ;)