Thursday, March 05, 2009

So Unbelievable!!!

just when i thot.. "oh dear... what am i gonna blog about what happened at 4pm when we didnt take any pictures?" (no pics because we went KARAOKE!! and the room was dark.. malas to use flash la.. actually.. i was just malas -PERIOD- :P) then it HAPPENED!!!

have you ever had one of those moments where you are just SOOOOO tempted to curse to release ALL the tension you felt??

ok.. maybe some of you dont really care about cursing that u can make a sentence out of your Gen-Y vocab.. or maybe some of you might ask... "Curse? what's that? can eat 1 ar?"
so this leaves me on no-man's-land... i'm actually tempted to curse from time to time.. maybe cause to scream would attract lots of attention... but a soft S*** or F*** wouldnt be so loud and yet be able to remove the tension...

HOWEVER!!! lets get back to the story...

after karaoke, we couldnt go for dinner cause Foo Joe, my kind transporter (must give some credit la.. if not next time he dont wanna fetch me :( ) had to go home to study for tomorrow's paper... so i went to ta-pau McDs lo...

paid... took the stuff... went to see the shoes Joy eyed on... and went home...

could you see where this is heading to?

it's alright... cause i NEVER saw it coming!!!
(btw... this was the moment when it crossed my mind that i didnt have any pics to blog about 4pm)

all excited about my dinner... (cause i wanted to eat me Spicy Chicken McDeluxe HOT)

i opened the bag, saw the fries...

Dot *THINKS*: @@!@$#$#$#^#%@%#^%@@^@#@%&
took out the receipt to call McDs Sunway, but those jokers didnt pick up!!!

I REALLY couldnt believe i paid the RM 11.65 only to bring home a bottle of mineral water and some yucky fries!!!

my mom and grandma couldnt stop laughing...
good thing my dad and bro arent around!! (but chances are i'll tell my bro anyways.. it's different when i tell him personally than if he reads it here.. cause if i told him, he could laugh right at my face... but if he read it, he'll have to look for me 1st to laugh at my face.. so HOPEFULLY by then he'll forget :P)

note to self: CHECK all bags to make sure the stuff bought are in it!!! ROAR!!!