Thursday, March 05, 2009

He's Herr-Mann

i just had to do it!!!
this was wat i was thinkin about last nite when i was reading up for my Leadership paper today :P

The Whole Brain Theory says that our brains are "separated" into 4 quadrants: A,B,C and D
each quadrant represents a different thinking mode:-
A: Analytical thinking
B: Sequential thinking
C: Interpersonal thinking
D: Imaginative thinking

and this Theory is founded by none other than William Hermann (get it? Hermann... Her Man! *teehee*)

maybe someday i should name my son Mye-Mann! to give him the perfect name.. i'll marry a guy with the surname "So" the full name of my son will be...

Mye-Mann So Han Sum
*holds in siok-sendiri-ed laugther :P*

hehe! on a not-so-wu-liao-ed note...
my midterms ENDED!!! WOOHOO!!! i so felt like singin out loud (like how they do in broadways) when i was walking out of my college... but then i realise the sky was pretty dark.. so didnt dare risk it la :P

i have 24 hours to celebrate my temporarily found freedom (ROAR! assignments are due in 10 days time... ROAR!!!)
cant wait for 4pm! :D
will blog about it later! :D