Friday, February 27, 2009

Mamma I'm A Big Gurl Now!

i'm not sayin that in a rebellious-i-wanna-have-things-my-way kinda way...
but i really did something i think my mom will be proud of!!!

i WRAPPED my own textbook!!!

as seen in the picture :D

see the glossiness of the cover?

ah... such a beauty!!!

altho it was pretty much a struggle... *lalala*

but it was worth it la... cause a wrapped textbook sells for a HIGHER 2nd hand price :P

i know... after so long.. and all i blog about is me wrapping my textbook mite not be enuf to satisfy ur cravings for Dot..

but but but...

i got exams coming up!! and lots of assignments due too!!


*buries self in books (the one i JUST wrapped!!)* :D


neil said...

cute wrapping ;)