Friday, March 20, 2009

I will survive- Dot's Rendition :P

ahaks! this is what happens when u cross mou-liu-ness (just-to-free) moments with Dot! :P

i have a darling fren that loves this song... and i kinda promised her that i'll be making a video for her bday.. but i kinda put it behind me.. cause i didnt have suffiecient ideas yet...

BUT NOW... hehehe! (took me 5 continuous hours to complete this le! but i is HAPPEE!! :D)

aww man!! i lost that pouty picture of u!! :(

oh wells..

JOLYNN GOH ******!!!

this ones' for YOU!


hehe! this one goes out to those of you that are having tough times too! (altho the vid speaks of bears breaking up... but still!!)

may this cheer you up today and every other day!