Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Dont Know What I've Been Told

But Daddy here is getting old! AHAKS!
i know i sound like a terrible daughter for making fun of my dad aging... but...
i have thot about noticing more of his white hair... and wrinkles... the slowness in his walk.. and NOPE!! those thots didnt make me happy AT ALL!!

it made me kinda emo.. so i'd rather laugh it off :P

i PESTERED my brother into taking us to Bubba Gump Shrimp for Daddy's bday..


while waiting for my parents and popo to arrive (ko and i went earlier to do some shopping... but the sales was OVER!!! *wails*)

i explored our little hut :D

since i was there.. may as well take some pics rite?

i noticed there was another plate behind this blue one..

so i flipped it to take another pic lo...

and wat do u know! the waiter came asking wat was it he could do for me.. i was like "HUH?"

then he explained that that plate was to call for the waiter...

Dot: I SEE...

ladilada.. everyone came.. and it was ordering time!!
i had my eyes set on an ALCOHOLIC drink!! *everybody say HOH!!!* it's a cocktail drink la..

Sunburst! or something with sun in it la.. :P

i had to take a pic of it cause there was this light underneath the cup (i actually took a vid of it too cause the light CHANGES COLOR! *jakun-ness i know :P*)

and yes.. that's as always my poser brother :P

now let's see wat's for dinner!

our appetitzer that looked like it was tah-pau-ed with newspaper -.-

but it was YUMMY!

Caesar Salad- a must order when my mom's around..
altho my mom generally does NOT splash money on food... but she likes this salad, hence! and i aint complaining :P

oh dear.. i forgot wat are all the names of the food!! :S
but i think this is the first main course on the shrimp page.. lets just hope they dont change their menu that often la :P

this is some seafood rice
the cheese in it was...

well.. for some ppl, u cant have too much cheese in anything... but for me..

this is some stuffed shrimp thingy.. shrimp stuffed with crab, talk about cholesterol! :S
and yes, this had cheese too...
if u scroll up and notice the foods again.. u'll realise that there was CHEESE in ALL of them!!!
if the prawn wasnt already covered with cheese... they gave us a cheese dip -.-

it's not that i'm complaining.. i'm just saying that we've gotta be smarter the next time we go there, if we EVER go there...

yue and sab! i think if we go there hoh.. we order 1 of the dishes above... the 3 of us can share and we'll still be FULL!
that's how rich the food there was!

anyhow, i'm still happy koko brought us there (eventhough he hesitated much :P)

daddy was shy... cause the ppl in bubbagump celebrates bdays like how they do it in Friday's (just that they arent as coordinated, which makes it not so nice) so we decided to bring the cake home and cut it at home.
see! i'm not such a terrible daughter afterall la.. i bought the cake k! :P
had to contribute la, he's my daddy too! :D

altho daddy's shy in public.. but at home...
he can be quite no shame 1 la.. and so u wonder why is Dot like that... well now u know! :P

Daddy the conductor, mommy and popo the choir! heh!

hehe! so cute rite?
my daddy! :P
sigh.. altho we look happy here, no doubt that we were.. but i FORGOT to include the cake in the frame!! somebody stab me! shy... my parents havent seen the pics yet.. *lalala*
maybe i should let them, then tell them that it's the cam's frame.. it's too small.. which it is la.. compared to the new generations of cams..

show me some support here pls.. so i can get a new cam! :P

oh yes.. there's some fuss goin around about water shortage... some locations in klang valley wont have water.. ladilada...

so here's a solution (courtesy of bubbagump shrimp)


this happened on 14/04/09

Happy Birthday Daddy! =)


neil said...

yum food :D

and cool pics stop Forrest stop lmao :P

nice blog :)

-dot- said...

=) thanks!

btw, do i know u?

neil said...

m a random vistor who likd ur blog so following it :D

nilesh here
nw u knw me :P

-dot- said...

ah.. haha! yea.. glad u like my blog tho =)