Saturday, June 20, 2009


While we were in Ipoh... for FOUR days!! we decided to go up to Cameron Highlands for a 1 day trip :D

oh! but these 2 pics were not taken in Cameron la, they were taken from the pet shop that was next to the hotel my parents were stayin in.

poor lil monkey... he had that classic animal-rights-picture look

OK! Camer(a)on!!

my daddy, in his stare into space look :D

hehe! cheeky daddy!
daisy! my fav flower!
me likey the purple center of this flower :D

passing by the Fern Hotel.. or some hotel with "FERN" in its name la :P
nice looking place! very new toO!

Then we went to check out the bungalow that my family and i lived in a LONG time ago when we went to Camerons for a holiday a LONG time ago...

i'm really very sleepy rite now.. so i'll just let the pics do the talking k! dont really have a story to go with them anyways :P

hehe! we took a gazillion shots to get this rite one! :D

haha! aint my daddy cute?
aheem.... dont worry, nobody was injured in the course of taking this pic :P

nostalgic le? ;)

Cameron... one of the places in Malaysia that i dont mind goin again and again =)