Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy Shots

As some of you would have known, i went for a visit to Hosp Bahagia on Thurs. Initially i thot i would get to see the patients and observe them for a bit... that would have been cool... but this visit was way off from wat i expected...

we visited the dragon fruit farm in the hosp's vicinity instead...

well... when when the Happy Hosp throws u dragon fruits... u take HAPPY SHOTS!

what's up Doc?
this is Julia, one of the UTAR interns i worked with for the past month =)

me first time seeing such a white bunga raya, aint it pretty? :D

now where did the smurfs go? :P

more mushrooms!

aint it cute? :D

after melting under the sun, we were brought to some place that served COCONUT WATER!!! woot!

while drinking i spotted this^

the chess pieces were carved from cengal wood

after touring the hosp (in the bus) we went pomelo shopping. Then, we went to KAMI center, a center that provides family support for the caregivers of the mentally ill.

they had this uber cool activity

called the drum circle

we participated in it and this was what i played :D

after buying the "Yim Gok Kai" (salted/salty chicken) we headed HOME! =)

the agenda wasnt wat i expected alrite, but i had great fun with the people i went with! =)