Sunday, July 05, 2009

Prawn Fishing!!!

After the M2L Concert last last Friday, we decided to have a cell outing to bond with the friends we all brought for the Concert... so what could be fun and interesting?

makan? been there...
sports? done that...

so this time... we went PRAWN FISHING!!! :D

it's one of the shops located in Ara Damansara... Tjin found out about that place...
so we convoyed.. 5 cars babeh!!! (yes Jo, Jay and Em! our cell's GROWING!!! Hallelujah!!!)

i was all excited on our journey there until i saw THIS!

the guy's preparing the bait for us.. i mean for the prawns..
and the bait happened to be RAW LIVER! *gags*
i'm glad it was fresh... or at least that was what my brain told me.. cause i didnt smell any rotten scent THANKFULLY!

the guy helped us put the bait on.. but this was the 1st and only time he did it..

we had to do the following times :S
(suddenly I'm thankful the prawns didnt bite my bait :P)

then the rod was adjusted so that red thingy was just touching the surface of the water... (of course by now, the bait was already IN the water :P)

so while waiting.. what was there to do?

besides cam-whoring!!! :D
Leeza and I shared a rod =)

Nick (back) and Hong Jun (front)

they were the champions that gave us the 1st prawn!!! :D

Viv and Julian shared a rod too.. Enoch was just goin around mingling :P

Jack, Ashley and Rachel shared a rod =)

the other pairs includes
Sandra and Rachael
Jimmy and Melody
Caleb and May
Jo Lynn and Yi Theng
Brian and Eu-Tjin
Yee Wei and Max

there're no pics of them cause Sonee was running low on power.. sighs :P

but Sonee managed to recover for a lil while longer for these pics to be possible!

Brian the PRAWN-e-rine

Max the MatchMaker

the guy again! starting the bbq pit :D

Spot the Difference

24 ppl went... we took 11 rods...
and caught 8 prawns!!! haha!
pathetic? MUCH!

but i could safely say that we all had fun!
anyone that heard our cheers when we caught a prawn would have laughed...
well, at least we brought laughter to the neighborhood :P

ALSO! God was GOOD!!! He brought nice customers that day...
those ppl that laughed... they actually gave us some of the prawns they caught! (they still had LOTS after sparing us some *blushes* :P)

in the end... we had enough prawns for EVERYBODY! hehe! God is so GOOD! :D
and of course... there's always the MAMAK shops when we're not well fed :P


Jo said...

That's the best and funniest cell outing i've ever heard!!!! ssoooo cuteeeeeeeeeee! heheheh prawn fishing!!!!! brilliant!!! giggle!

-dot- said...

haha! we can go again when u come back! when will that be ar?