Saturday, August 01, 2009

Theng's Farewell

HA HA HA! call me a noob! (this is the only chance u'll get! :P)
aih.. i charged my batts.. for six hours.. brought the cam (no.. i didnt forget my batts..)

but i DID forget my memory stick -.-

so may this pic be a teaser for wat happened tonite! :P

we had a BBQ farewell for our dearie Theng..

more pics will be coming, soon i hope! from our PRO cameraman! :D

gtg bathe and ZZZ now! nites malaysia!

fine.. u can call me a noob again... cause i forgot to click "publish" last nite -.-


neil said...

noob :)
y only nites malaysia
no nites india :(

-dot- said...

haha! cause i think the time zone's different... either 1 sleeps earlier..
if msia sleeps earlier.. it's not bedtime yet for india.. so no point sayin nites..
if india sleeps earlier.. they've already slept.. i mite wake them up by saying nites :P
if we're in the same time zone.. then.. *blushes* :P