Saturday, August 08, 2009

Theng's Farewell (the pics :D )

Eu-Tjin's uploaded his pics!

As mentioned in the previous post, we had a BBQ farewell party for Theng. So here are the pics captured by Tjin, enjoy!

hehe! i know i look greedy here.. but i was HUNGRY!! we all were!

check out wat was cookin!


Chicken!! (ok.. it looks weird being green, but the color's from the spices used to marinate it. It was YUMMY ok! :P)


we had other stuffs too! like Keith's infamous Mash potatoes!! (which finished 5 mins after it arrived :D)

ooh! i must mention, credit for the food goes out to Max and his team! (Wei and Sandra :D) They did a good job marinating the meat =)

enuf on food, now...

The People:

Vivian (i likee this pic)

Max (i'm sorry, but this is the only pic Tjin uploaded of him :( the other 1 is blurred :( )
and Aunt Merlin joined us too (similarly, this is the only pic of her that's clear)


Caleb and Cheao May

Jimmy (focused) and Ferry (blurred)

heh! that's Ferry on the left... (there arent any better pics of him either)

Leeza and Marshie :D


Ika (and the blurred pic of Max :D)

:D urs truly (me likee this toO!)

Sandra (i gotta say.. i'm a sucker for B&W pics.. cause they all look so nice!)

Eluth & Melody


Yee Wei


Grace (she had fever that nite... being considerate, she decided to wear a mask. Get well soon gal! =) )

ooh i almost forgot! Tjin, the photographer that brought u all these BEAUTIFUL pics!!
i've accumulated all the times i wanted to shout and now i'm letting out... (that's Ika btw :D)

GOOD JOB TJIN!!!! THE PICS ARE JUST AWESOME!!! KEEP THOSE SHUTTERS shutting? snapping?? oh well! u get the picture! :D

and of course, the gal of the hour!! Yi Theng!

we got her a MNG voucher

hehe! now for some SS moments of Dot :P

Viv, Leez, Dot, May and our Marshies :D

While affirming Theng (good thing Tjin didnt capture any teary moments :P)

*Ka-Ching* :D

Dot, San and Theng

Charades! (no.. actually.. i have no idea what was i doing :S)


Theng & Dot

Groupie Pic time! u'll realise it aint easy for us to take a decent pic...
Trust us, we tried...

And this was the best we could come up with (if u noticed... the left side aint that sane already :P)

So we kinda gave up :P

and u can see the influence Dot's been to the cell...
1st, it was just me...

then everyone else caught on :P

Yes.. it's proven, we cant take a decent picture :P

Tha's all folks! :D
(that's Tjin's camera's remote control in our hands :D)

Dear Theng,

come back as often as u can!!! :D

Dot and the SS18 NO SHAME CELL! :P