Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sonee's Extreme Makeover

Sonee has been with me for *counts* 5 years already? We've had great moments, or should i say shots together =)

however, as time passed, Sonee wore out

and showed signs of lagging (especially under poor lighting)

it has been my wish for i-cant-even-remember-how-long to give Sonee an upgrade...

i believe Sonee had the same idea, she wanted to be better, feel better and LOOK better

This year, in the light of my 21st birthday, my uncle and aunty decided to bless Sonee and I with a makeover for Sonee!

before i show you the AFTER pics, in conjunction of the makeover, i've decided to give Sonee a new name...

so now i present to you...

SoneeT (the additional T because Sonee got the T-series makeover package :D)

Her specs got upgraded,

instead of buttons, SoneeT's got a touchscreen now!

and of course, now, SoneeT's got STYLE! *teehee*

*pics of Sonee were taken with SoneeT :D

happy happy!!! wait til i show you the shots SoneeT and i took :D


Leez said...

eih i thought you got grey or sth? @_@ oh yeah cannot be grey, or else it would have been silver HAHAHA. Yaay new camera = photographer for my party? :D

-dot- said...

haha! can.. if u dont mind having me in most of ur pics la! *wakakakakaka* joking joking! can can. the camera survived the lighting in underwater world.. i think can survice the lighting in Garden la..

my aunt bought a completely different model.. i wanted RED!! but this model no red :( the the other colors all very sucky 1.
so i took black lo.. cause Sonee is silver d ma :P

wat happened to tjin? he not cameraman?

jo said...

AWWW how awesome!!! i'm glad you got a new camera! it's awesome!!! =) I'm sure you'll make good use of it!!! =) enjoy!

-dot- said...

thanks! i will! haha! but i'm kinda paranoid that i mite drop it and break it... stressnya! :P