Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Moments with SoneeT in Langkawi

happy happy! i was very happy when i knew i would be going to Langkawi with SoneeT. We planned to visit locations in which SoneeT would come in handy. Here are the shots i took :D

at the Underwater World
had 2 pics of the same fish cause i cant decide which is my fav :P

i like this 1 cause the color contrast of the fish with the blue background

and i like this cause it's clearer :P

Butter milk prawn anybody? :P

Same difference for these pics of these jellyfish..

i actually prefer this 1 but the jelly fish didnt want to come down :(

i have no idea what is this tho :P

this jellyfish is just so cute! it's very small! palm-size i guess
this would have been a very nice shot if it wasnt so noisy (the marine section was very dark so i had to increase my iso)

among all i've uploaded, this has to be one of my least favourite.. but then again, how often do u see pics of jellyfish? so live with it la k! :P

oh this is one of my favs! (altho i have no idea why the jellyfish's upside down... it didnt come right side up the whole time i was there waiting for it.. so i gave up waiting and took this instead :P)

mantis prawn! these things are EXPENSIVE! (to eat of course)
we had 4 of these in one of the chinese restaurants in Langkawi, and the bill for it came up to rm98!!! *faints*
but it was uber yummy! :D so altho it was crazy expensive, we decided it was worth it (just so we could sleep better at nite la :P)

somehow this picture reminds me of Faber Castle..

oh i likey this shot too!

and this too!
it was difficult to get a shot of the ray cause they're quite fast (and due to poor lighting)

there were bigger rays than this... but as u mite guess, the bigger they are, means the faster they are too lo! so yea.. couldnt get a pic of that :(

then i attempted to take shots of SHARKS! HAHA! how ambitious of me...

so i ended up taking pics of a stationary shark :P this 1 was just lying at the floor of the aquarium.

starry starry nite... :D

cant really tell the size of this prawn cause it was hidden under the rock
but judging from its... wat do u call those whiskers thingies? anyways.. judging from the length of those this prawn has.. i think it's quite big la :D

oh i love this 1!!!
i think it's a choral...

i like this 1 too! :D
the parrot opened 1 side of its wings... but i didnt get to capture that shot... then it didnt open its wings again :(

can u spot the animal in this pic? :D

a sitting duck

Fishie! oh this place had some ginormous fishies at the entrance!! but i couldnt capture any of them cause some how SoneeT was a bit slow (once again due to poor lighting and the speed of the fish) but they were crazy big! if 1 swam next to me... i'm VERY SURE i'll faint!

the other place we visited was the cable car ride to some mountain

we were supposed to be able to see the entire island from the top of the mountain... BUT! the clouds were too low

so this was the only pic that made the cut from that trip

will be telling my experience on that mount in the next post =)

earlier on our 2nd day there, we visited Eagle Square (or was it Lang Square?)
you can roughly guess what we saw there la..
did u guess correctly?

i took a few more shots of this eagle just in case we couldnt make it for our eagle feeding trip

sadly, i was right... this will be the only eagle pics u'll see from my Langkawi trip.. sighs...

we stayed at 2 different resorts; we spent our 1st nite in Langkasuka
it has a private beach that wasnt so nice la (but as mom said... "u cant compare with the beach in Redang..." but but but... :P)

from this pic forth, u'll be seeing many pics of the same beach with similar colored skies...

and this is the reason why... see the clouds and the rain at the other side of the island?

it looked beautiful from afar
(but things were different when the clouds drew nearer and brought the rain with it... i'll keep the whining for my next post la k :P)

my niece picked some seashells so i thot i should try out the macro function since i HAVE one now! :D
i like this pic =)
more macro shots of seashells =)

yet another one :D

ok.. if u havent noticed by now... let me tell u...
the pics u've seen were uploaded in a backward order. (meaning, the 1st pic u saw was taken from the last place i visited)
that's why it's all sunny and bright when this picture was taken!
oh how i wished...

i have no intention to create any conspiracy or whatsoever..
but somebody made this pyramid and i thot it'd make a nice shot (the dude so happened to be there)
so is it a nice shot? :D
(whatever u mite say, i like it anyways :P)

that's my niece Melanie! :D
she was in front of me cause i decided to hide under the hut and i saw that this mite make a nice shot :D i love it! she likes it toO! :D
oh how i wished...

oh how i wished the sun didnt go into hiding
oh how i wished the clouds didnt come rolling in
now i wouldnt mind the burns from the sun
oh i wouldnt mind the stickiness from the sweat
oh how i wished we had more fun!

the pic that marked the beginning of our journey
it was my first time sitting in a plane with such propellers (and once again i was by the wing -.-) so take only la! :P

unfortunately, due to the weather conditions, SoneeT could only come out indoors (i did use SoneeT outdoors but only when i really had to)
it's alrite! we have a whole future ahead of us! so cheers to SoneeT and Dot :D
where are the people u mite ask...
well they will appear in my next post la :D
that's all for now!