Friday, August 28, 2009

21st Birthday Wishlist (editted and with Add-Ons)

IT'S SEPTEMBER ALREADY!!! and my list isnt looking like a list yet.. working on it NOW! :D
so far this is what i've come up with...

mid august:
currently i could only think of 1 attainable wish that i really want to see come true on my birthday (for that i count myself blessed =) ) this is what i wish for this September :D

violet gradient

grey fade

RayBan shades (the real 1 of course :P)
not that i'm brand conscious, but i only trust that these real ones have proper UV protection.
why RayBan then?
erm... cause i have a fake 1.. and i realized that this design pretty much suits me :D
so while i was randomly trying on shades on Sun, i came across this 1 that fit me oh-so-perfectly :D :D (shades hunting was never an easy thing for me cause apparently i have a small face)

found this at Opulence, Subang Parade
i'm quite sure this time this is the 1 i want! i got the CODE this time! :D
RAY 0321110048H (this code only applies in Opulence, Subang Parade. it's not the model number.. the sales gal wasnt as helpful as the other guy i talked to the other day *hmph*)
it's RM 606, with a 30% discount :D (i gave the wrong information the last time *shy*)
but the good news is.. it's STILL ON SALE!!! :D (they extended it until end of sept! seems like it's kinda meant to be doesnt it? :D)
making the price RM424.20 *gulps*

i'm pretty sure the 1 i liked the 1st time i tried it on is the violet gradient 1.. cause when i tried it again today, i tried the grey 1 and realized i didnt like so much.. hmm..

end of august:
i've been wanting to get a water housing for my camera. but i didnt put this up because i wasnt sure if SoneeT would be compatible with the reasonable priced marine pack... (some packs can go up to rm499!)

but waddaya know?? i flipped thru the accessories book that came with SoneeT and..
YES!!! this marine pack is compatible with SoneeT!
it protects the camera from rain, dust and snow (with this i can take pics on the beach with no fear!)
it is water resistant for up to 1.5 meters. (since i dont plan on diving anytime soon, 1.5m is an ok depth for snorkeling :D)
so the details!
Price: RM 199 (suggested price)
Location: Sony Centers (or maybe any camera shops)

i've asked the Sony Centers once, the sales guy said that i'll have to order this marine pack in advance because they dont keep stock; they will ship it in upon request. The duration is about 1 month.

this is something i really want to bring along for my next snorkeling trip (or whatever trip la :D)
so pretty please? :D

i was requested to add more stuff on my list. So here are the add-ons (in a yes-i-really-want-this-that's-why-i'm-putting-it-first order)

a more economically friendly pair of shades =)
Saw this is Fossil, Pavilion
Price: RM149
Product code: MS3785200
*would prefer it if it had a silver frame =)
i think this fit my face too.. cant really remember tho :S

Loreal's Bare Naturale Mineral Foundation
Shade- N1
Price- RM 60 ++
Available in all Sasa outlets

Charles & Keith Voucher(s)
as many as u want to give me! heh!

Forever 21 Vouchers(s)
cause i really love the accessories there! :D

A nice white clutch
dont have a specific one i want.. didnt have time to hunt for it :D

A new bag :D
spotted 1 in forever 21, Pavilion, but couldnt find the pic online tho..
product code- 1/20090619
color- brown (would prefer it if was BLACK)
price- RM109

i dont know what else i want... but i can tell u what i DONT want :D
1. ipod/mp3/mp4
cause i dont like sticking earphones into my ears.. they make me feel like my brains are being fried :S

2. body lotions
cause i hardly use them

hmm.. i think that's pretty much it but do come back as the days draw closer.. just in case i suddenly recall something i would really like :D

thanks heaps!


nilesh said...

you hav frnds who wud buy dese for u?

m jealous :( coz even my bday is here :P

-dot- said...

haha! that's why i'm wishing ;)

when's ur bday?

nilesh said...


my bday on 23rd august :)

-dot- said...

oh, just in case i forget,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance! :D

nilesh said...

:X :)

thnx u r d 1st one to wish :)

btW do u check ur :O

-dot- said...

haha i would think so, cause i wished u so many days in advance =)

no not all the time.

nilesh said...

yea even i thot so coz i had sent u a mail [:(]