Monday, September 14, 2009

I Wished...

... and i received
can u guess can u guess what's this?? hehe!
my cellies must have known better that a pair of RayBan's just too much for me to handle.. cause my heart will break if i broke a pair of RayBans.. so they've decided to get me the Fossil shades i tried on and some other goodies, which would be bought with...

these Vouchers!! :D (now i've just gotta use them wisely :D)

well.. those things were sorta expected la.. cause Jo and Leez were the ones that asked me to update my wishlist..


this wasnt expected!! :D
Sandra told me the title was inspired by my blog!! :D how sweet is that?! :D :D
as i've told them, i cried when i read the messages they wrote for me, now this board is pasted on my wall (covering my Jerry Yen poster! :D)

On the other hand...
my sweeties... sighs...
all of them came for the party... and all they got me was

well.. if u cant read.. it says Charles & Keith la...
ya.. they got me a branded those what-ever-bags-u-call-them-that-are-also-sold-in-ikea...

i wished for Charles & Keith Voucher(s) and A Black Bag...
and my Sweeties got me

i'm absolutely LOVIN this bag, cause it's SEXAY!!!

i didnt give much specifics to the bag i wanted, cause i wasnt even sure if i wanted a bag... but now that i have it... YES! I LOVE THE BAG! :D

thanks Yue and Sab for taking the time to hunt for this for me!!! :D
and of course to my other sweeties, thanks for being willing to pay for this! :D

my other dearies from church gave me an uber cute card

Count the Dots! :D

They actually got 20 ppl to write messages for me and the 21st message was a prayer!!! *loves*
*messages inside are only for private viewing, hence no pictures were taken*
hah! no la! i took a pic of the card too! but i realized the writings were too small.. so no point putting it up here..
so this cute part of the picture will suffice :D

hehe! another thing i wished for...

:D what i didnt expect was... it came from 2 guys! haha!
i find it cute having guys buying make up for girls :D
Dear Nelson and Jeff, Thanks!!! :D

well... there were also things that i didnt wish for...

But i Equally Love!!! cause they smell so DELICIOUS!!!!
now i must break my tak-sampai-hati mentality and use it so i'll smell yummy too! Rawr! :P

Darling gave me a book that looks so fun to read! haha!
but thanks to my QUIZ! -.- i havent started reading it yet :( will read it during the raya break! :D

Isnt this pretty?? Instead of using a ribbon, Caleb and May hung this over the paper bag they gave me which contained 2 tops (i no know how to take macro shots of shirts.. teehee!) This is actually a long necklace, Love it! :D

Oh cousin Veronica couldnt make it for my party, so she came during the week to pass me a lil gift
it's so LOVELY!!! (this was my 1st thot)
my 2nd thot? "but i dont have a necklace to go with it..."

so i secretly wished at the back of my head... "i want a fine and simple necklace"

Then Amanda came with this! :D
i could keep the pendant and earrings for special occasions... but the necklace's just perfect! :D
Thanks Manda! :D

hehe! my antiques were the cutest! Being antiques... they actually gave me ANGPAUs!!! haha!
really, i would have wished for ca$h cause it's the most practical! but i didnt cause it seemed weird to ask for money! haha! (i still had a lil shame :P)
so thanks dears!! :D

Presents aside, Last nite was REALLY special for me and i cant Thank YOU enuf for being a part of it! :D


who said wishing aloud would break the magic of wishes? :P