Monday, September 21, 2009

Car and Puyuh's farewell Lunch

2 of my antiques were "shipped" abroad 3 weeks ago =(

so we had a farewell lunch for them in Sakae Sushi, Pavilion
(why so far? cause Liie was working near there :D)

Puyuh, one of the "shipped" antiques

Car, the other 1 =)
(she was tearing when this was taken.. hence! :P)

the other antiques are as follows =)

Carol and Em got "shipped" back from India and UK respectively :P

and that's ME! :P

hehe! Foo! i tried the mango thingy that u said is nice..
the verdict??

Liie on THIS side of the table

Liie on THAT side of the table :P

and u mite wonder...
y is Liie populating all the pics?
well.. even i dont know the answer! HAHA! it's cause she hardly gets to join us for outings cause she's working now.. (BIG GAL D!! hehe!)
so she really wanted to have pics with Em and Carol lo :D

Group pic!
kecanggihan k! when my E E gave me the camera, it came with a mini tripod! how cute is that?! so i set my cam at the table beside us and VOILA! hehe!

pics were not editted cause.. I MALAS LA! hehe! (so much to blog about, so little time! :P)