Monday, September 21, 2009


while uploading the pics.. i realized one thing... I DIDNT HAVE A PIC WITH THE TWO OF YOU!!! *drops head in dismay*

these 2 priceless antiques were flown.. but doesnt sound nice rite? so yea.. "shipped" to UK on the 5th of Sept (making them miss my bday! PFFT!)

anyways, here are the pics i took on that day =)
Carol with Puyuh n Car

it's amazing how some1 that small could carry such big bags, not to mention HEAVY! heh!

Puyuh and her family =)
Emo moments! but the uncle (puyuh's father) still managed to look into the cam le! way to go uncle! hehe!

Dear Carrere and Pui Yee,
ALL THE BEST in all ur undertakings over there!
take care and God bless ya!
my prayers will always be with you! =)
and pls dont cause any buildings to crumble :P

oh ya! and you all MUST come back and take picture with me!! I DONT CARE!!! hehe! MUAX!