Sunday, October 18, 2009

when words cant begin to describe my anger!

so i here i was, nicely doing my assignment... and watching Glee at times to keep myself awake (until my 72 mins ran out -.-) then THIS happened!

Embarrassing?? you CRASHED ON ME and tell me it's EMBARRASSING?



michelle.jen said...

HI DOROTHY!haha it's michelle loke! we were in cell group at jo's house yeaaaars ago! what a small small world! you know shin yeen too! (and that's how i found your blog.. that's not very stalkerish is it? haha) how have you been??

-dot- said...

haha! hi michelle! i remember you! no it's not stalkerish cause u stumbled over my blog.. not like u were intentionally looking for it ma.. haha!

i'm good! doing my final year now.

what about u? u migrated to aussie rite?

michelle.jen said...

hahaha final year?! wow! so fast! yeah i'm doing good too! and yes, i'm currently staying in aus.. mm in my second year studying arts (no, not painting hahaha) what bout u? what're you doing atm?

-dot- said...

i'm doing psyc and management. atm ar... writing reports! haha!
u le? since u're NOT painting.. then what kinda arts u doing? haha!