Thursday, April 08, 2010

Have a Break!

with the stressors i faced last month... KitKat wouldnt have helped much!

so i went with my family for a HOLIDAY!!! :D (ok i'll admit... this holiday added quite a bit to the stress i faced.. cause it was the weekend before my assignment DATELINES!!! *faints*)

but it's all over now! and i'm glad i went! :D

we went to Malacca! =) absolutely love that place!

popo found her new love! oops! :P

the dude in red is the dude that goes around introducing "good" food. this shop sells chicken rice balls.. but nobody goes there anymore.. cause thanks to him.. the balls got so commercialized it's not yummy anymore! *bummer*

also... i would think it's his lack of ability to pose for the camera that caused the downfall of the shop :P

it was a 2 days 1 night trip! so we rented a house, a VERY NICE house!!! (i've been missing it since!! :( )

this is my cousin and her family =)

these are the things that happen when you're more than half a decade older than the youngest people in the group

we were there sempena the birthday of my nephew and niece... but cause her bday was 1 week earlier... she didnt get as much attention..

also! he turned 16.. and his parents spent quite a lot of money for this trip!

hence the faces behind :P

more pics will be on FB's Family Portraits =)

p/s Yeem: THERE YOU GO! :D


さやろん said...

Oh Ahm Gee!! Finally updated ur blog.. *blows dust*

-dot- said...

wahahaha! i didnt know ppl still read ma... i thot FB has taken over :(

neil said...

last one is funny :D

-dot- said...

thanks! =)