Sunday, June 13, 2010

Making LOVE with My LIPS *winks*

Besides shopping and lots of camwhoring, my ideal getaway would be 1 by the beach with the:
(Swim-able) Sea
(Soft&Smooth) Sand
Smoking Hot guys

This weekend, my cousin's family invited me to go along with them to Port Dickson *revises ideal getaway list*
Sun- *check*

(Swim-able) Sea
(Soft&Smooth) Sand
Smoking Hot guys

oh wells! but i'm a sucker for road trips; i decided to go along :D

So what's a girl to do when there's too much sun on a beach that's impossible to bathe in?

she goes to the local market and gets a pair of geek glasses...

and starts camwhoring away! XP

yes readers, i know u've missed me ;P

with nephew Nick
and niece Melanie

ok Dot... enuf... so what's all these got to do with with the TITLE of the post?

During this trip, i was enlightened that being a REBEL has its perks

u get parking faster ;)

so i decided to push my limits and bend some things around me too! *winks*

i made THIS! XD (what were YOU THINKING about?)
I really made this with my lips k!
here's the process!
we bought this sticky lollipop on our way home.
it's really sticky and softens easily with heat.

Melanie finished hers really fast. While i decided to be creative :D
She challenged me to make it longer.
and longer...


then i got bored with lengthening the sticky sweet and twisting it... also, it got a lil dangerous for me to stick it in my mouth as it was scratching my throat already! >.<
So i started bending it :D

Initial D
a duckie swimming away but decides to turn its head left. the pointy part's its beak!
(so i was told i have good imagination)

Britney Spears's mic :P

Ideal or not your vacation maybe, i believe it's what you make of it that truly matters...

Ideal= I + Deal

YOU deal the cards; YOU decide if your holiday's a fun-filled one or not =)

*disclaimer: NO, Dot does NOT condone law breaking!


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