Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm A SURVIVOR!!! (part 3)

Jumping MEAN BEANS are here to WIN
Go Mean Beans Go Mean Beans GO!

The Mean Beans
fr left: Yvonne, Yue, Dot, Bani, Des and Pierre
Obstacle #1- with Pierre leading the way and the rest watching closely behind
yue made it across! and Bani's coming up!
let the lam yan go first...
Bani's 1 brave soul
Yue follows, squeking behind... but her squeaks are somehow unheard.. cause they're drowned by an UNKNOWN source of voice :P

Talk about TEAM WORK!
Mean Beans helping JELLY BEAN DOT *blushes* thru the Tarzan-wheel-thingy and up to safety

now it's Des' turn to do his thing

(p/s: Yvonne's not in the scenes cause she's our very powderful camera girl! she took lots of nice shots! thanks gal! =) )

while the Mean Beans are stratergizing how to cross the next obstacle... the Dot thot: "How would my body look like if i were to fall and DIE! *yikes*"
so the brave soul decides to lead the way

however.. the girls (mainly the Dot) still aint convinced... so the Instructor (aka Ah Yoong) had to show her how
when KIASU (the opponent teams) meets KIASI (the Mean Beans)
Yue, taking a breeze walk (look at the smile on her face! =) )

this is one painful position to sit in

note that by this time... we already knew that we lost the competition... cause the KIASU team practically ran thru the whole course... HOWEVER!! we had SPORTSMANSHIP! (is that wat u call it?) anyways.. we made it a point that we FINISHED the entire course :D
Dot and Yue
1,2 CRAWL!!!

Pierre and Des- slow and steady

GO Mean Beans!

see! we watched out for one another.. unlike the KIASU team :P

-touch not the lines-
the rest got a lil lazy ere... so only yue and dot went thru it :D
if u looked closely... u could see the Dot's lips curled into a "AHHHHH" shape

the Dot may seem smiley in the pics.... but that's cause the pictures cant record no sound... the smiles are due to the shyness after the SCREAMS! :P

the Dot: AIYO...

i have to say... this is the EASIEST 1 :P
the Dot aint gonna sit in that painful position... besides my arms are toO JELLY-FIED to drag me across to the other end..


the Dot thinks MORE: ROAR! i CAN do it!!!

by this time... my whole body was liquid-fied (i was like the agar-agar mixture WITHOUT the agar-agar powder :S)
a lil bit MORE!
i'm lazy to type the captions... my connection's been haywire all day! ARGH!!! no mood d!

oh! the Dot was quite cekap here, i didnt really touched the strings :D

i have no idea why do i look so happy here...

i fell badly off that wall *blushes*

after the NEW obstacle course... we walked a road that seemed ENDLESS to the OLD course -.-

most of the obstacles were ruined except this...

A 90 degrees wall of ropes... which i had to climb up and get over the wall... and finally climb down the other side... GREAT!

ooh... it's HIGH up ere!
Ah Yoong helping me make the turn (cause we girls' legs not long enuf and we not steady enuf to go over the "wall")
a lil bit MORE to LAND :D

in the Jungle...
since i'm the camera girl.. i couldnt take pics of myself doin action packed stunts... so had to cam-whore most of the time lo :P
after a series of throat wrecking screams, a girls gotta REST :P

must NOT fall!
part 1 and 2 are on the way due to my ARGH-ee-Fyin connection!!!


jokoo said...

i knew IT!!!

you were always a MONKEY!!!!


keep those muscle babeh!

-dot- said...

hahaha! but but but... i'm a monkey that'll choose to walk on the floor rather than swing from tree to tree lo :P