Thursday, September 25, 2008

Perhentian Part #1

HAHA! i tot i could finish this in 1 post... but CLEARLY... i tot WRONG! :P

this trip is rather different from Redang... in Redang.. i could take lots of landscape pics.. but in Perhentian... the beach was.. sigh... so... we CAM-WHORED LO!!!
trust me... it wasnt just me and my bro... the FAMILY was involved too! wakakakaka! u'll see! :P (not in this part yet tho...)

this is the last evening we spent in Perhentian *sobs*

my poser bro... well.. u'll be seeing LOTS of him (sadly :P)

the ever so SWEER and LOVELY Dot! :P

eh... quite scary k... the boat was... where it should be.. IN THE SEA!!! so... sitting at the very front of it... isnt exactly a comfortable spot! :P

Cousin Raymond fishing...
Sony gets tempermental when lights go out... ROAR!

Uncle Robert and his SASHIMI!

Uncle Robert: did i throw it?
Nephew Nicholas: did U throw it?

Uncle Tommy removing the fishy Raymond got... yet another poor fishy...

BBQ Dinner and....

making Monkey BOMB!
NOT NICE la! it tastes like BEER... like duh! :P
it's a drink where they dropped a shot of rum into beer...

yippee!!! mommy was soO shweet!!! she actually planned a surprise for me!!! :D

the cake u see there... yes.. it's cheese.. (i dont like cheese cakes, dont ask y)
mom wanted to get choc (which will cost rm80!!) but thank goodness... they didnt have enuf choc la.. so gotten cheese.. it was ok too =)

i stood so far from the cake cause the knife was soO long!

an i-will-so-kill-my-brother shot! :P

with the cousins and niece and nephew! and cousin's gf toO!
from left: (i still dunno her name) Raymond's gf, Raymond, bro, Nicholas (nephew)
front line: Melanie (niece), ME!, Evelyn, Jason

with me family =)
yup! for 20 yrs... my bro's been trying to do that... AIH... cant blame him.. ever since i came along... he was NO longer the BEST LOOKING in the family... wakakakaka! :P

EVERYBODY! (i malas to tag names la :P)

Aunt's (my mom's sister) family and my family =)

pressie givin ceremony!!! :D

witnessed by Jason :D
:D thanks mommy for everything!!!

of course daddy must get some credit too la.. if not later he jealous! :P

ah Lai Koko! he was the organizer of our trip, and he was my mom's accomplice! :D
revenge is SHWEET! *muahahahaha*
sibling rivalry...
aih... for 20 yrs... since i'm in a good mood...
thanks koko for being sweet and there for me in the recent years! (note RECENT! :P)
like they always say... better say how u feel before it's too late...
i'm happy to have a bro like u!
altho u may most prolly be a BIGGER camwhorer than me... (like seriously... he insisted we took another pic cause he didnt look good! -.- who's bday was it again? ish!)
i L..L...LO..LoV...
u know what i mean la! :P

hehe! Happy Birthday to ME! :D

Random shots of my relatives when they were discussing the origins of my bro..
2 decades ago... my relatives jokingly questioned if i was my parents' child cause i soO dont look like neither my dad, nor my mom...

2 decades later...
they think my bro's not my parents' child! cause (err.. actually i cant remember why.. i think it was the same reason too la.. he doesnt look like both my parents...)

and apparently.. i look like my mom now!!! *mixed feelings* :P

see the fun we had? hehe!
poor fella.. left speechless
the story tellers! they even mimicked the Ef Hu players! -.-

oh oh! see the 2 dots on the pic? it's caused by the tiny rain drops... it started raining!!!
thanks be to God cause the weather was so fine when we were there through out the 2 days! we had so much fun snorkeling!!! :D

ha! my constipated bro!
a grasshopper on me swimsuit! tot of taking a macro shot of it.. but somehow... Sony just couldnt focus! this was the best shot =)

see what i meant when i said my bro's sweet???

hehe! he wrote this for me!!!
(altho i had to BEG him to write it cause i got tired after writing H wakakakaka! :P)


since he was so nice... i entertained his cam-whoring desires
the plan was.. he jump from the jetty...
and i use the burst feature to capture him to an AWESOME jump...

clearly... attempt #1 was a failure... *shy*

so.. attempt #2:

this time... he wanted more momentum.. so he decided to RUN
of course.. without letting me know how much he would be running...

he ran out of the cam frame! -.-"

my lovely mommy! =)
hehehe! that dude in the video we watched in photography class said...
frame ur subject(s)...
the YOUNGlings :D
with their spouses
the HOTstuffs!
the HOTTEST of them all! :D

daddy n cousin sis
check out daddy's punk hair-do!

hehe! this marks the end of our trip!
we were in our AirBus =)
why only 3 from the family u may ask... tat's cause we kinda forgot Adam.. *lalala*
NO LA! he would have voluntarily stayed behind... BUT!!! he was sitting at the back.. so we didnt bother askin him to come take a pic :P

Perhentian has to be my best birthday gift! not only from my parents, but also from Him!
without His blessings, i doubt i would have been able to have those special encounters with His creations =)

Thank u Jesus!!!