Wednesday, October 01, 2008

*blows dust*

Foo kinda dropped a major hint that my blog's turning into a travel blog... it explains.. malacca.. then perhentian.. *lalala* i just like traveling!
but! due to those trips... i've kinda missed out on bloggin wat happens during the-not-so-happening-days-but-still-quite-happening-events in Dot's life...

so, lets divert from the cuti-cuti msia posts and head back to my recent (yet not so recent happenings)

hehe! En En's growing! she's heavy now!

but still as cute as ever!
it's my dad's knee guard she's wearing... lalala!
this gal's so vain... just tell her it's "mei mei" meaning pretty in chinese... and she'll let u put anything on her! :S

hehe! this is the result of boredom after finishing my supper -> tiramisu :D
look at the amount of coffee powder they put on the cake! it made the cake bitter.. so i swept them off and drew this! :P

hehe! see what i mean by cute! she poses when the camera faces her!
but guess she doesnt know that she has to stay more still la... well.. she's got LOTSA time to learn!
i shall train her to be the NEXT camwhore! *wakakakaka* (this gal's got POTENTIAL! :P)

oh! i had to throw my cup away! :(
i didnt have the heart to do it... so i left it by the sink... till one day my mom was like.. "why is the cup here?" then i told her.. i dont have the heart to throw it away...
she had to do it for me... :(
reason i threw the cup's pretty obvious la... the crack's at the handle... what if it breaks off!? knowing Dot.. sure get injured 1! so better safe than sorry :(

why i like the cup so much?
besides this cute pic...
it's square!
fine.. not square square... but square-R than round mugs! get it? :P
it's special la! :D

ooh! then daddy, mommy and i went to watch fireworks in putrajaya =)
i will soO NOT bother taking pics of fireworks ever again!!! unless i have a DSLR and a TRIPOD la! :P

had lunch with the coolest people that i've ever worked with! =)
as a farewell for Kae Mern too!
hehe! that day marked the hatred of Jeff towards CURRY!
cause of ALL the people that walked before him... he just HAD to step on a bag of ROTTEN curry! trust me.. it smelt HORRIBLE! i gagged few times when handing him the tissue...

we finally changed our sofa!!!
this set has been with us since my memory could remember! :P

all the more reason to be a couch potato! *lalala*

celebrated the Foo(s) birthdays! in the Apartment, Curve. dont want to go there again la... expensive food and not very yummy anymore *boohoo*
both Leeza and Basil have their bdays in August! talk about FAMILY PLANNING!
way to go uncle and aunt Foo! :D

went to Ipoh to visit my popo and kong kong
kong kong so cute! he blew the harmonica for us...
hmm... i cried.. just thinking of the fact that he's growing older by the day... and i cant be beside him... yea.. so i cried... dear readers, pls pray along ya! for my kong kong to just enjoy his days =)

had a farewell for Yen at a new found banana leaf rice place that i actually LIKE! called Nirvana in USJ 9... or is it NirWana? oh well... same difference la! :P

adjourned to Old Town Kopitiam later.. it's like our hang out spot... i dunno why.. i like that place :D

Yen!!! come back in Dec!!!
ha! am doing photography this sem, so we went to PORT KLANG to take pics...
the place smelt HORRIBLE too! i gagged again! it smelt like fish turned bad!!! yucks!!!
so yea! i'm liking the class, and i'm proud of Sony (esp when he behaves!)
will post my work here when the sem's over ya! :D

went for a supposed-to-be-my-birthday-lunch birthday lunch with my antiques...
Dot: where's my CAKE? :P

and u maybe wondering... didnt they do a farewell for Yen? why is she still here?
ha! it's MAGIC :P

my last pic taken with Carol b4 she left for India to do med...
roar! my antiques are once again scattered around the world...
i sincerely pray that all of u are doing/will do EXCELLENTLY WELL whereever u gals are!
MUAX! =)
more photography trips!
went to Klang for NTV7's mooncake festival cum 10th year anniversary thingy...
cant remember wat was the name of the place... but it was beautiful!

this year didnt get to post my wishlist up.. cause... i just didnt la... :P
i really wanted this shirt from
i was soO close yet so far from it!!!
first it was too ex.. then there was this sale for it.. YET!!! they dont ship to Msia!!!!
dear ppl of the outside world, Msia isnt a jungle.. we dont live on trees anymore!!!
2nd item i wanted... CROCS! :D
so sweet rite the color?
i'm a flip flops kinda gal... dont like to wear heels cause.. i scared i mite slip and fall.. or lose balance and fall... or.. just FALL la :P and heels are painful to wear k.. unless they're from ALDO la! wakakakaka! :P

whatelse i'd like for my bday? i want a tote bag! :D
actually i want a lot of things la.. *lalala* sorry la.. altho i dont like wearing heels, i still LIKE heels... this only proves,

I'm GIRL! :P

and on the WEEK i turned 20, i saw this...
like THANKS! *sobs*
got this from unnecessary knowledge, a link in dark roasted blend =)

will post more on my birthday LATER.. SOMEDAY! :P