Wednesday, October 01, 2008


just for the fun of it, few of us gals from cell met up for dinner at Pizza Uno, Taipan! :D

Hotties that went:
Dot of course!
and Sandra! (dont have individual pic of Sandra)

hehe! while waiting for Foo to come... we camwhored! :D

in this pic... viv was supposed to look jealous... but the cute gal! she cant do a jealous face! hehe!
the drink's Foo's Sangria.. it's red wine mixed with... fruits (lemon and apples)
while waiting for the food... :D
Viv with her B.I.M.B.O-ness! :P

everybody got their food except me!!! :(

Foo's Lala Chau Fun (Lala fried noodles in cantonese :P)- Vongole (fyi, it's pronounced Vong-gol-le... cause noobs like us would have pronounced it "vong-gol" SHY! :P)

Viv's Golden Cheese Ball
Sandra's I-cant-remember-what-name Lasagna

my carbonara!
still prefer Italiannes' tho! :D


Clarissa said...

woah!! all the food!!!!
was it a girls outing only eh??

-dot- said...

hehe! yep! gals only!.. but 4 gals only... we had fun catching up tho!

talked about giving birth and all.. LALALA! :D

Julian Jansen Goh said...

go also didnt call.....wht is this??y does it always hav to b girls outing??
i dont feel the love now..sad

-dot- said...

ha! cause i'm a gal... :P
we talk about giving birth and all.. u wanna listen? :S