Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Perhentian Part#2

since we've had ONE day's break from Dot's TravelGuide... it's time to come back to the journey (while i have time to blog about it :P)

hehe! still on the 2nd evening in Perhentian... (cam-whore(s) alert)
meet Adam...
my SUPER SIOK SENDIRI brother! (aih... :P)

see what i mean?
with niece Melanie =)

the younglings!! (when we're sane)

ha! the cam-whoring runs in the FAMILY (u'll see... we had GOOD GENES)

dont worry ppl... altho my bro maybe emo at times.. but this pic was not taken under the influence of suicidal thots...
it was simply a pic of my bro trying HARD to think! :P

muahahahaha! i hired him... OOPS! :P

what's a series of cam-whoring without the camwhore-QUEEN herself??
they call me...
AH LIAN! ish!
overexposed it is.. wat to do.. the camera man no pro! :P

mommy and her sis, my E E =)

ah... now... MORE Honey-Bunny-Uber-Mushy-Sweet-Pea-Fying moments! (brace urself! while u meet the COUPLES!)
Ah Lai Koko and Ah Cheng Cheh Cheh

Uncle and Aunt no.4
ha! this pair no need to introduce d la! :P

hehe! daddy saying he's VERY HAPPY! so miang! :P

this one! i had to send Sony for servicing cause his lens cracked!
hehehe! just jokin! :P
so sweet rite?

aunt Nancy: this is mah MAN!

ha! the SANE-nest couple of them all!
uncle Michael and E E :D

the Adam's family!
i WuRvE my Family! =)i will not comment on why my niece is in my E E's family pic.. lalala!

hehe! chan ka sam chi fa!

(the 3 flowers of the Tan family :P) far right is cousin Evelyn

just now.. u had to brace urself... now i advice u... just RUN! run away from ur com!!! like.. NOW!
because what u are about to see...
this world has NEVER seen before!!!

Uncle Lawrence: eh... ur thighs quite sexy ar! (Dot: *vomits*)

i will REALLY not comment on this one!

Dot: LADIES! let's show them what's the REAL meaning of HOTSTUFFS!

haha! my aunts still need some training la...

but for them to take the pic with me...
TOLD U it runs in the FAMILY! :P