Thursday, October 02, 2008

Perhentian Part #3

YEEHA! (i have no idea why i just typed that.. but ANYWAYS! let's continue shall we)
this is the.. east marine diving boat or something like that la.. u can click on the pic to enlarge it and have a better look at it.
it's UBER cool and i'll tell u why!
boats in general must need water to float and move rite?
if u said no.. well.. the answer is YES!
so look at this boat... it's like quite a distance from the jetty... we were all like.. ERR... how to get there le? (i for one was a bit afraid.. cause i was holding Sony.. hence this pic)
BUT ar!!! while we were wondering... the boat came nearer and NEARER to the shore!
so we were like.. cool....
we wondered again... err... yea.. the boat came to us.. then how to get into the boat le?
SUDDENLY! we heard this engine cum door cracking open sound.... and...
VOILA! the boat had a DOOR that could come down!!! this time.. all of us went...
WHOA! haha! super jakun moment i tell u! shy! :P
(the boat still needed SOME water to float on la.. so we still had our feets wet... but who's complaining? we're goin for SNORKELING.. sure get wet la! :P)

the boat was rather steady compared to what we used before.. cause as u can see here.. mom's hair isnt really all messed up :D

Raymond koko and gf Siow Ning (ha! i finally know how to spell her name :D)

Evelyn and mom
Uncle Robert
no.. our boat ride wasnt THAT boring la..
he was eating wind (direct translation from SIK FUNG, which means goin on a holiday in Cantonese)

soon, the SIK FUNG trend caught up with uncle Lawrence too!

hehe! look at all the things i had to carry! so ma fan! but what to do... all for PICS for you readers!!!
now tell me u love me! :P

Jason and Nicholas
the Lai family
brothers! Lawrence and Tommy (my uncles, 4 and 3 respectively =))
ah... finally! we're there! Cocohut beach... where all the GUAI LOS were!!!
*regrets for not choosing this resort* :P

somehow when we reached the place... everybody just sat down to chat...
Ah ching cheh cheh: eh... are we goin?
(she just snorkeled by the shore -.-")

hehe! camwhoring with me maternal cousin

uncle Tommy: hoi! u all dont wanna go.. i go 1st la!
(he snorkeled by the shore too -.-" and COINCIDENTLY... he's the father to ah ching cheh cheh :P)

finally, the rest of us geared up (we actually had gears k! which u'll see in my next post "HOPEFULLY" :P) and swam into the sea..
it was a SCARY trip cause the corals were just by the shore! dead ones tho... all the more scarier cause they're SUPER sharp! (cousin evelyn got cut :( )
with our flippers on, it was 3 times harder to walk... cause
no.1 we had flippers
no.2 we were walking in water
no.3 there were LOTS of dead corals as we went deeper into the sea where the live corals were...
it was super hard to balance!

NONETHELESS! we had a fun time there! i saw a puffer fish! it's kinda cute cause it's SQUARE (in its uninflated state. and lots of other stuff la :D

not forgetting baby tur-tee! (names are once again randomly made up by Dot :P)
the marine park guy was so nice to let us hold it =)
Tur-tee was very active.. guess he was scared... poor Tur-tee...

now u know why he's (actually i dunno if it's a he/she :S so for now Tur-tee's a HE k! :P) scared..
Tur-tee: HELP!!! this China-man's gonna eat me!!! HELP!!!

look at our ikan bilis eyes!
i wanted the sea to be our background.. BUT!! the sun was so bright... Sony couldnt capture our faces! so we had to face the sea and sun instead :D

HAHAHA! the pics u are about to see... makes me laugh each time i review them!

Dot: ko! y dont u jump off the jetty while i stay up here and try to get a pic of u.
Adam: ok!
Dot: on 3 ya! 1...
Dot: 2...
Adam: OUCH! *gargles sea water that went into his tube*
Dot: -.-"

this time... the conversation was NOT made up k! he really fell FLAT on his chest/tummy cause he slipped off the jetty! WAHAHAHAHA! oops! :P

Raymond: next time, just walk off the jetty la...

while waiting for them to come up...

our boatman!
another jakun-fied came with this pic...
while we were on our way to Cocohut... Ah Ching cheh cheh asked... "eh.. this boat no driver 1 ar?"
Ah Lai koko (her husband): no... someone's controlling this boat with a REMOTE CONTROL.
well... this is a pic to show her that YES! someone DOES drive the boat :P

on our way back to our resort
but before that, we detoured to a spring water site!
according to my bro, this is called the fisherman's cove cause fishermen do come here to get fresh water =)

hehe! mommy's soO cute dont u think! :D

mother and daughter =)
not everyday do u get to pour water over ur mom...

so my bro quickly seized the opportunity!
tsk tsk tsk! :P

i really didnt want to get myself MORE wet cause everybody's been saying the water's VERY cold... but then.. aih.. they were all like GO LA... so...
shivers me timbers!!!

ha! like so cool only hoh the face... how bout we take a look at the 1st pic taken b4 this pic!

Adam and his CONSTIPATED face!!! *wakakakaka* :P
Uncle Robert: ha? u see la this younger generation.. LIKE THAT also cold...

the YOUNGLINGS and some youngling wannabes!
if u are wondering... why take this pic from so far away?
well... my mom held the cam... that pretty much explains everything rite? aih... my parents and gadgets! (a DESTRUCTIVE match! :P)

hehe! this pic's very natural toO!
somehow they seem like they had more fun than us! hehe!
mommy, the only AH SO! (as called by the boatman :P)

before we left...
this DUGONG just had to dirty the pool of CLEAN water!
not sure if it's the source.. cause it seems like it goes further in... BUT STILL!!!

and.. the WORSE is yet to come!!!
these poor ppl! they came RIGHT AFTER us!! we were still walking back to our boat when they came! it was THAT immediate!
altho the water does flow out... but... POOR PEOPLE!!!